Nokia Here arrives in the Samsung Galaxy Apps Store

Nokia Here

Back in August, Nokia and Samsung announced an exclusive deal that would see Nokia Here arrive on Samsung Galaxy devices. Today, Nokia announced that Here for Android is now live in beta on Samsung’s Galaxy Apps Store.

Here Maps will directly compete with Google Maps, and will eventually arrive on other Android devices. While Samsung and Nokia have signed an exclusive deal, Nokia has said Here will be available on other Android devices as well as iOS ‘soon,’ though a precise date of availability is not yet known.

For now, users with devices running Android 4.1 or higher on Galaxy devices with 1 GB of RAM or more will be able to access Nokia Here. The company has posted a guide for getting started on its official Here 360 blog that tells users everything they need to know.

Samsung’s launch of Here in the Galaxy Apps Store is supposed to coincide with the launch of the Tizen-powered Gear S, though that device has yet to be made available. When it does launch, the Gear S will pack a 2-inch curved Super AMOLED display with a 360 x 480 resolution, a 1.0 GHz CPU, 512 MB of RAM, 4 GB of internal storage, a 300 mAh battery, 3G connectivity, and (of course) mapping capabilities via Here.