Cyanogen announces new Scramble Pin Layout security feature

If you’ve ever looked at the marks you leave on your smartphone display as you enter your pin and wondered if someone could potentially break into your phone with just those smeared fingerprints, you’re not alone. The Cyanogen team shares your concern and has just announced a brand new feature that it hopes will address that very issue.

The company behind the Android-based mobile operating system today tweeted about Scramble PIN Layout, a feature that is new for CyanogenMOD. The concept of scramble pin is pretty simple: it uses the same number number pad each time but mixes up the layout in order to evenly distribute the smears you leave on your screen. It also ensures anyone trying to a sneak a peek at the numbers you’re pressing has a harder time figuring that out.

It’s not clear at this point when Scramble Pin will be rolled out, but it will likely come to Nightly CM11 builds in the coming days.