Omate had a team of women lead design of Lutetia smartwatch

Though smartwatches and smartbands have been available for years, the segment has started to heat up over the last 12 months or so thanks to efforts by Samsung, Apple, Google and others. It’s still early days in terms for the fashion side, though, and most of the devices we’ve seen have been chunky black or grey affairs with a masculine feel.

Omate, the same company that brought us the TrueSmart and Omate X, is trying to produce something a bit more feminine with the Lutetia. Priced at $169, the Lutetia was apparently designed and engineered by a team led by women.

Engadget reports that the watch is based on a MediaTek Aster MT2502 platform. Similar to Samsung’s Gear Fit, this watch runs a real-time operating system (RTOS). The use of the Nucleus RTOS means it lasts a lot longer than your Android Wear or Tizen watch (you can expect a week of battery life, similar to the X) and the round, transflective LCD is always-on, so you don’t have to press anything to immediately see the time.

The Lutetia is available in gold, silver, or rose and is fashioned from stainless steel. The watch face measures 40mm in diameter, which is 6mm smaller than the Moto 360. It’s up for pre-order starting this week and is set to ship in December.