Cortana personal assistant to make its Canadian debut on the Lumia 830

Microsoft is set to offer a Canadian-localized version of its Cortana personal assistant when it debuts on the Nokia Lumia 830 later this month.

Microsoft Canada’s President, Janet Kennedy, promised Canadian localization would be ready by the time Windows Phone 8.1 began rolling out, but when Cortana debuted it was only optimized for the U.S. and a couple of other regions.

According to Nokia Canada, the Lumia 830 will launch with Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 as part of Nokia’s Lumia Denim update, which offers an early build of Cortana “that still has a lot to learn in your region, so not everything will work entirely smoothly at first.”

Canadians have had some access to Cortana through the Windows Phone Developer Preview program that Microsoft launched earlier this year, but the process to enable it was a bit tricky. With the Lumia 830, a fully-sanctioned and Canadian-optimized version of Cortana awaits.

Other devices will also receive the Lumia Denim update in the coming months, so Cortana will not be exclusive for long.