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Tilt brings its group money collection service to Canada

Tilt, formerly Crowdtilt, has brought its group money collection service to Canada after a brief exclusivity period in the U.S.

The app, which is half PayPal, half Kickstarter, allows users to create public or private groups to raise money for certain purposes — from workplace beer funds to a new t-shirt from Snoop Dogg (yes, really) to important pieces of social activism.

Currently available on iOS, and coming soon to Android, Tilt is free to use and makes it easy to start a Tilt campaign or contribute to an existing one. The service taps into Facebook to find friends already making contributions, and no one gets charged until the goal is reached, similar to Kickstarter or Indiegogo. The beauty here is scale: Tilt can be used for $50 projects raising $5 from 10 people, or $50,000 initiatives raising $50 from 1,000.

It’s easy to specify a minimum amount a person can pledge, much like Kickstarter’s pre-defined tiers, and payments can be made quickly with a credit card, and can be remitted to a chequing account.