LG’s G3 on track to be company’s first flagship to exceed 10 million units sold

LG’s G3 was created based on feedback from consumers and it seems giving the people what they want is a recipe for success. LG this week revealed that the G3 is on track to sell more than 10 million units.

A report in the Korea Times cites LG as saying the G3, which launched in Canada on August 1, will be the first of the company’s flagship smartphones to exceed 10 million units sold. Though the company doesn’t specify when, sales must be strong for LG to display this level of confidence in hitting that milestone. The company also said plans to accelerate plans to introduce more market-leading products in the second half of this year.

LG’s desire for more high profile launches and the success of the G3 puts the company’s decision to spread the G3 UX across all of its mid-range and entry-level phones into perspective. Though the company talked about introducing a level of consistency in its smartphone brand, something that is definitely very important, it’s clear the company feels it has hit on something good with the G3. No doubt it’s hoping some of the popularity of the G3 will rub off on its lower-end smartphones and tablets.

The company has already officially announced the G3 Stylus and has been teasing a round version of its G Watch, dubbed the G Watch R, all week. Apparently LG wasn’t oblivious to all the excitement generated by the Moto 360 and has produced a round smartwatch of its own. The difference here is that, based on the teasers, it actually doesn’t look like a smartwatch at all, which could be its biggest selling point.

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