This Week In Crowdfunding: Skully, Sense, Ritot, Blink

Welcome to This Week in Crowdfunding, where we take a look at a few interesting projects currently raising the necessary funds to bring idea to reality.

Skully AR-1 Smart Motorcycle Helmet

A smart motorcycle helmet may not seem like a revolutionary idea in light of Google Glass and Recon Jet, but the company behind the Skully AR-1 has become the fastest Indiegogo project to reach $1 million.

Skully, which starts at $1,499 for those living outside of the United States, will ship in May 2015. It promises an always-in-focus heads-up display, which can become transparent with a touch, as well as Bluetooth smartphone synchronization and GPS navigation. It also integrates audio, for hands-free calling, right into the helmet.

It also looks like a pretty nice helmet, even without all the technology, and meets DOT/ECE safety certification for use on Canadian roads.

Campaign ends September 9th.


Ritot Projection Watch

A projection watch isn’t exactly what we had in mind when the wearable revolution began, but Ritot seems like a pretty interesting product.

Available with worldwide shipping for $120 each or 2 for $200, Ritot comes in a number of projection colours, which can be changed through the included software.

It’s also a smart(ish) watch, notifiying users of incoming calls, texts, reminders, emails, calendar events, Twitter mentions and more, with a silent vibrating motor and companion app. The company behind Ritot promises to make it waterproof, and is offering two styles, Sport and Bracelet, in a variety of colours. While battery life hasn’t been explained yet, but a 1,500mAh cell is promised.

Campaign ends August 21st.


Blink: Wire-Free HD Home Monitoring

Blink takes the idea of in-home monitoring and untethers it from cords and wires.

It connects to a home router using a synchronization box, allowing the camera itself to stay idle until movement is detected, when it then begins to record.

In addition on-demand video capture, Blink offers motion detection notifications, temperature sensors for fire detection, and companion iOS and Android apps to view the feed.

Each Blink costs $69, while a pair of two, along with its Sync module, can be obtained for $119.

Campaign ends September 4th.


Sense: Know More. Sleep Better

Sense takes on sleep in a way no wearable has before. While accessories from Fitbits to Jawbones purport to gauge the quality of one’s sleep, Sense goes one step further. It is a bedside sphere that, along with a “Sleep Pill” which attaches to one’s pillow, records the quality of a night’s sleep and projects it to a companion mobile device.

Sense itself monitors noise levels, light levels, temperature and air quality detect elements of a sleep environment that could stand to be improved. Sleeping Pill then records the particulars of a person’s sleep cycle. Combined with an iOS or Android app, they give the user(s) a Sleep score of between 1 and 100.

The orb also works as an alarm system, gently waking up the room with light and sound.

At $99+$15 shipping for a Sense and Sleep Pill, or $129+$15 for an additional Sleep Pill, Sense is not a bad way to improve sleep quality… if it works.

The campaign ends August 22nd.

That’s it for this week! Let us know if you end up backing one of these projects and, as always, let us know your favourite tech crowdfunding campaigns.

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