Surface Pro 3 docking station now available in Canadian stores


  • Abdi Mohamed

    Hello Everyone!!!

    Nice article Jane.

    It took a while to get here but more options for the Surface Pro 3 the better.

    IMO At this rate i think maybe 3 years or less the keyboard+Tablet combo will be better integrated blurring the lines between a smartphone and Desktop PC.

    In the Future I wonder how the Keyboard or a Docking Station
    will be replaced ? ( open to everyone to answer !)

    Have a Great Weekend!

  • wes

    Personally I think that the overall product is expensive and the price limits sales. If I didn’t know anything about tech, I’d just buy a macbook air instead since the price is similar.

  • I was at the Microsoft store in Yorkdale Mall last weekend and playing with this docking station. The pricing blew me away when he told me $150, I paid more for a USB 3.0 Docking station. I love the SP3 and it will be my next laptop/tablet unless a newer version comes out before my laptop is no longer wanted. I currently use a XPS 13 and the SP3 is smaller and lighter and more powerful. Great job Microsoft, who needs a tablet when you can just carry a full laptop around. Phone and my laptop no need for a tablet that is a half OS any more you get a full OS.

    The only con that I have is the memory and processor was soldered to the board. My XPS13 also has that but I feel like its them just being greedy. They are a public company of course and have a legal responsibility to make money for share holders but just is a punch in the face for consumers again. You have to get what you can afford and never upgrade it. This kind of highway robbery for parts you can get for half price I think will end up back in their face though. You showing your friends a slow running OS on MS hardware in the long run will just hurt Microsoft’s image more. The 2 things that should be replaceable on this machine should be memory and drive and as a bonus the processor, I can understand why they don’t do replaceable processors it kind of a pipe dream more then anything just would be nice to see that replaceable as well.. Again I can’t imaging this was done for any other reason then a money grab for them. Oh you want 8 GB that means you have to get a 256 GB SSD so that will be… click, click click…. $300 more. You want a better processor ….. click, click click…. that $1000 more.. oh we know its only $200 more if you bought it alone but now you have to have 512 GB drive and 8 GB of ram and you will have to over pay for those also.

    Better then nothing I guess..