BlackBerry: ‘We have completed the restructuring notification process’


  • Balls O’Steele

    Passport will be a huge fail. Too fat to fit in my pocket.

    • skullan

      Wear pants with bigger pockets.

    • Bob

      Take that Chicago 58 out of your pants and it will fit just fine with ample space to spare..

    • It’s Me

      The guys with the giant phablets seem to manage, so probably ok with thepassport too. Worst case, ask around about the murses that the Note guys prefer 😀

    • Syaz

      Hey hey, I had a Note 1 and 2… The note 1 was an awkward shape, but I made it work. The note 2 was slightly easier. I only used my murse SOME of the time.

    • It’s Me

      Josh, I am replying off of my own post since yours is blocked for some reason.

      I was mostly kidding, but let’s say your estimates for the Note are correct. Looking up the measurements for Note2, it was 3.17″ wide. If the passport screen is 3.18″ then I don’t expect the final form to be very much wider than the note. Quibbling over a possible 1/4″ wider is silly in terms of pocketability. And the original Note was 3.27″ wide and all of those users always said it was easily pocketable. The Passport seems easily within the same ballpark for width.

    • awhite2600

      I have a Note 3. It fits comfortably in the pocket of most of my pants. The only exception is a pair of tighter fitting jeans – the phone fits but digs when I sit in the car. I do no and will not own a murse.

    • It’s Me

      yeah, better to keep jabbing yourself when you sit 😀

    • Bill

      Is that a Note 3 in your jeans, or are you just happy to see me??

    • MrHomz

      It’s basically the exact same size as an actual passport, and mine fits in pretty much all of my pockets. Just a bit thicker.

    • Jonah Emery

      Lol. It will be a fail because it doesn’t work for you alone? Talk about centre of the universe…

    • Mindmeld

      I’m guess ing he’s also a Maple Leafs fan…

    • RedneckInc

      HAHAHAH! That’s a lol for sure.

    • Trelarah

      Blackberry focuses on the business world, every executive I work with keeps their Blackberry phone inside their “large” blazer pocket. The Passport will also fit no problem.

  • J-Ro

    The Classic will be mine. I wish it was coming in the September like the Passport.

  • JB

    Its john chens world…we’re all just living in it. lol

    • potatohead

      who would actually leave their job to go work for a dying company that will tank at any moment? LOLOL

  • Jonah Emery

    Blackberry should really get it out there that they still have 7,000 employees. The media impression is that their down to a few hundred.

    • lemonnnnz

      I consider myself pretty well versed in knowing company data, but I thought that the 7000 number was their “high”, not where they currently are.

      Still they’ve gone through a dramatic change in number of employees, but nowhere near what the media seems to portray. Definitely something blackberry should work on fixing.

  • potatohead

    Chenny Chen Chen is playing the game now…same game thor played to get the stock to bump up. chen has launched nothing thus far

  • potatohead

    adding headcount so he can axe them in 4 months LOL

  • potatohead

    jimbo baldsissy and mikard lizarditis will be back too.

  • potatohead

    sorry to hear this sad news – blowing your money on this garbage

  • OgtheDim

    A lot of things can be covered by “any unexpected downturns in the market”.

    Is there management anywhere who expects things to fail?

    • gommer strike

      I believe the saying goes something like: Leaders are allowed to fail. But they are not allowed to be surprised.

  • 5Gs

    Let’s see. It will be hard trust me. As i own BB Z10 and when people ask me what phone is it? On my reply they are like What BB still exist.

  • junkus

    garbage company. hiring more ppl? LOLOL – for what? to lay them off in 4 months?

    • Dimitri

      Yet this Garbage company that u call it has the money to build new phones, still employees 7,000 of them and hasn’t been sold to any company like another 2 manufacturers that i have seen within the past year.. So keep hating.

  • Dimitri

    And this is why no one takes you seriously on here. Please grow up and do something better with your life.

    • Anon692

      You sound quite butthurt. Psycological issues perhaps?

    • midnightdoom

      I think he is referring to the fact that he never has anything to contribute to conversation besides poptart, where some people would like to actually see intelligent conversations on here

    • Dimitri

      Not but hurt at all but sick and tired of his comments that have NOTHING to do with the article and isn’t contributing into anything other then saying ” poptart” and other useless things.

      If he or she can’t have a mature conversation and contribute to the conversation, then don’t post. Very simple.

  • bika

    people who criticize and have yet to put the phone in your pocket have no say in the matter of size


    Great to hear, always rooting for one of best smartphone makers of all time. I can’t wait to get my hands on a Passport and check it out.