TELUS revamps device insurance tiers, expands T-UP! early upgrade program beyond iPhone

TELUS is revamping its device insurance program today, adding two separate tiers of protection and reimbursement. It is also expanding the T-UP! early upgrade option, which launched shortly before the iPhone 5s last September and expanded in November to all iPhones, to include its entire product lineup.

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The company’s two protection tiers, Device Care and Device Care Premium, extend a manufacturer’s typical one-year warranty another year to two years, and cover physical or liquid damage for a one-time fee of $49, regardless of the cost of the repair to TELUS. Device Care Premium adds lost or stolen phone replacement from $80 to $200 depending on the device.

Device care costs $6/month or $99 per two-year term, while Premium costs $11/month or $179 over the same period. iPhone customers are not eligible for Device Care because, as expected, TELUS’ support of AppleCare+, which protects in much the same way, costs either $6/month or $99 for two years. In other words, Device Care is AppleCare+ for non-iPhones.

TELUS is also expanding its T-UP! upgrade program.

To further incentivize customers to join the T-UP! program, TELUS is bundling it with Device Care or AppleCare+, so it becomes a lean-back option for customers who buy into the insurance program.

As we found last year, T-UP! is great for customers who don’t want to have to worry about finding a buyer for their used devices, especially those gadget fanatics who always want the latest and greatest products. And now that T-UP! is eligible to be used with all of TELUS’ smartphone lineup, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone fans can get in on the action, too.