Transit App for Android adds resizable widget, contact autocomplete


  • Mike Newman

    Such an awesome app. Wish they would let me give them money.

  • OgtheDim

    Hmm…..I think I prefer the GPS maps created by Next Bus. That and the interface isn’t how I think about my trip.

    i.e. Its map focused.

    If they did searchable by route, withoug being dependent upon trip planning, that would help. E.g. I just did a search and my usual faster route isn’t suggested. So, I can’t look up when buses are at a certain time unless I map to a place where that bus goes.

    I should not have to use a map to check a route..

    • Guillaume Campagna

      Have you tried the nearby mode? It’s basically what you are asking for.

    • OgtheDim

      And when I’m not nearby?

      Its more functional then the TTC’s own route planner due to the GPS on buses.

      But its a map app first and foremost, as against a transit user app. And not all of us want to only know what’s next nearby.

    • Guillaume Campagna

      You can change your location with the button on the top right. We are working on making that better, but the option is there.

    • TheSotSays

      “And not all of us want to only know what’s next nearby.”

      Tut tut tut now DimbleDim everyone who loves you knows it’s your primary interest. You’re forever looking over your shoulder to see who’s there and you’re a constant source of personal info: the working class parents over ome in North West Blighty, ur quaint, illiterate and childish way of speaking, ur druid ancestors …………..

      I figure Dimmy, that if you were to have a special App written for yourself it would be perfect for the 26th The minute you log in your app would know where you were going and would find you someone nice to” talk” with upon arrival.

      A man like you with the right app might even score lunch with say, Guy Lombardo.

  • Anaron

    Just what I needed. Thanks!

  • Ryan Laker

    I quite like Transit, I’ve been using it more and more than Google Maps now that I am bussing more. It’s much more direct and less fiddling to get the info I want quickly when I am racing to the bus stop.

  • Ozmodiar Flanker

    Love this app – gives me the accurate info i want with zero effort. nice work!

  • Thomas C. Riddell

    Very Cool App but the Widget needs work it won show all Info in Widget full Screen even when give it a full screen

  • Chris Zhu

    Just wondering how this widget will affect the battery >w<

  • gommer strike

    I don’t know, but last time I tried Transit years ago, the app was extremely crash-prone. It would force close repeatedly and at that moment I uninstalled the app. This was on a Galaxy Nexus at the time. I sure hope that stability has been improved if nothing else.