Sony Xperia Z2 up for pre-order at Sony Store, Z2 Tablet available now


  • Martin Orange Dusek

    That was already available few weeks back, the first estiamted shipping was May 7th I believe but it went to “unknown” and earlier todya it was not even available for preorder. I wonder when will Bestbuy/Staples/Source start selling it and for how much/what bundles they will offer.

    • MarkLastiwka

      Available for sale now, not preorder.

  • Eric Fortin

    Tablets will only be available on May 8th in Montreal. Pre-orders only. 🙁

  • Clark Jordan Wayne

    really disappointed in Sony, had my mind set on the Z2 since they announced wayyyy back in February at MWC. First they said April 1 release. Then manufacturing/supply channel issues delayed that until May for everywhere but the UK. Now it’s May. I just went to the Sony Store in Heartland, Mississauga this afternoon. Was told it will probably ship in mid-June unless you are buying it through Bell you may get it sooner. WTF Sony?! Why did you announce this amazing phone back in February before getting your internal manufacturing/supply channels in order? And Americans won’t likely see this phone until the summer sometime. All this makes even sillier Sony’s talk about releasing an updated flagship phone every 6 months …. how utterly ridiculous when you look at how they bungled the launch of this phone! I’m tired of waiting and will probably get the Galaxy S5 next week despite it’s single crappy mono speaker and only 2GB of ram. At least it’s also fairly waterproof and comes with USB 3.0.

    • MarkLastiwka

      They didn’t bungle the launch in Europe and Asia…

    • Clark Jordan Wayne

      I don’t live in Europe or Asia

    • nekkidtruth

      Perhaps not, but you are quoted as saying “when you look at how they bungled the launch of this phone”. They didn’t. Besides, your anger should be directed at Bell who has a silly exclusive on this phone. Chances are we would have seen it sooner were that not the case.

    • Jason

      “Besides, your anger should be directed at Bell”
      This is possibly the stupidest comment i’ve ever heard. Blame Bell because they got an exclusive. I bet you blame Bell, Telus and Rogers for a lot things that go wrong in you life lol

    • nekkidtruth

      Yes, because the wireless carriers have anything at all to do with everything that isn’t related to the wireless industry. *rolls eyes*

    • MarkLastiwka

      Canada is not their heavy market. Europe and Asia are. For them, it is crucial they hit those markets solid, regardless of other markets. And they did. Just because you didn’t get it when you wanted to does not mean Sony Mobile bungled the launched.

    • Clark Jordan Wayne

      Sony announced the Z2 in February at MWC. The only market they launched it even close to the original April 1 target was the UK (and that was delayed a week too), no other European or Asian country. Just seems liked they should have said the phone wouldn’t be widely available until May/June. Shame because the phone has the best specs and is a beauty.

    • Bobby Dong

      They released it in Taiwan back in March. Please check online before commenting. And despite Sony’s lack of interest in the US/Canada market I’ll still wait cuz it’s WAYYYYY better than any other phone out there at this moment.

  • southerndinner

    Maybe now there will be one or two people actually inside the Sony store when I walk by LOL

  • AM Radio

    for a $700 phone that is months late, you’d think Sony would bundle it with say, a case or a dock or something? although i’m pretty hot on this phone, i’m not in a rush anymore (another six months from now, there’ll be an Xperia Z3)

  • jay

    Funny how the big three screwing the people! Phones are expensive so we ( some people) signing contract and paying 80$ a month for a little bit bla bla and click clack! Just so stupid!

    Again if everybody follow my advise we have in three year contracts for about 30$ a month

  • HD Z

    Dragon Ball Z2

  • Merags

    Just to see, I added it to a cart to preorder, estimated shipping date was “June 3rd”

    Are you kidding me? Not even in May… sigh…