LG G3 shown off in high-res pictures


  • Lirodon

    That looks bland…

    • MikeOxlong

      It does look bland. It also sucks that the speaker is again in the rear. Did HTC patent front facing speakers?

  • Bri Bru

    Amazed by the bezel size.. but the phone still looks ugly

    • FlamesFan89

      please do not take offence to this, as none is intended, but what exactly is ugly about it? It’s just a phone. It is a rectangle with a screen on one side, and some sort of backing on the other with a camera, some buttons, the usual fair. I mean, unless it had some sort of weird appendages hanging off it looking like snot, and was coloured to look like a turd, I’m not sure how a phone can look ugly or look beautiful.

      It’s just a phone people.

      I am FAR more concerned with how it functions, and ease of use (as in, does having the buttons on the back make it easier or harder to use), than I am about whether the bezels are 1.62174 mm or 1.72643 mm in thickness.


      Materials matter, from the standpoint of, is the phone well constructed, will it break easily, is it easy to hang onto, etc. And the design matters from the standpoint of whether the buttons are well placed, is the camera well placed so that you don’t naturally cover the lens, etc.

      I suppose one could make the inevitable car analogy, and say that a K-Car is functional and reliable, but looks like junk, where as a modern corolla is also functional and reliable, but looks a heck of a lot nicer, but I don’t think the comparison is the same. The difference in looks of modern smartphones from across the room is almost imperceptible (except to those with gigantic sticks in their backsides).

      Sorry, this isn’t really directed at you Bri Bru, but at everyone that comments on this site and others that seems to think that phones are ugly or not when the reality is that they are all rectangles with a screen, and are usually black or white, sometimes some other colours, but are ultimately rectangles with a screen. I just had to get it off my chest. I think people need to get over themselves and get a grip on reality. I mean, does the extra bezel with the HTC logo on the M8 really matter? it’s what a few millimeters? does it really matter, really? REALLY?
      COME ON… *said in my best G.O.B./Will Arnett voice*

      [/pointless rant]

      *smiley face*

    • Karl Dagenais

      I love the back side buttons on my G2. Tap to wake makes easy to use. Os is as bad as touchwiz tough… But AOSPA saves the day.

    • Bri Bru

      No worries and none taken 🙂
      It all depends on who you are really, and I am a person who is attracted to beautiful designs but yes, functionality, performance, features are the things that matter the most when it comes to mobile devices. It’s not easy to specify exactly WHAT is ugly about the device but that’s the whole point of “design” right? There’s no definition of something being “ugly” or “pretty”. For example, I generally like the way devices look with chrome bezel but it doesn’t necessarily mean all devices look good with chrome bezel. I’m just a person who likes “good looking” devices which is totally a perspective thing and there are people who don’t care much about the design of the phones.

    • jellmoo

      Just want to touch on a small portion of your… um… rant… as it were:

      ” I mean, does the extra bezel with the HTC logo on the M8 really matter? it’s what a few millimeters? does it really matter, really? REALLY?”

      It matters for me (and I assume others) because it’s wasted space that contributes to it having a much larger overall device size than it should have. It contributes to the problem of flagship devices no longer being usable with a single hand. It’s a design choice that makes the device less comfortable to use in some situations, and that strikes me as a poor decision. It becomes so much more pronounced when you compare it to a device like the G2, which has a smaller footprint overall, but comes with a larger display. Also, it just reeks of wasted possibility. That space *could* have been extra screen real estate. That space could have been used for something that would provide a benefit for the user. Instead, it’s just… there. It’s just a bit jarring when companies like Samsung, LG and even Motorola are shrinking bezels and providing more screen to device size ratio, that HTC would make such a drastic leap backwards in that regard.

    • FlamesFan89

      I can buy that, as it causes a functional difference. Really, my point was more about the fact that from across the room, the majority of people won’t be able to recognize a Samsung from an LG, from even an iPhone (save for the size).

      We are splitting hairs on the design side in terms of the differences between phones, yet some get described as ugly, others as beautiful, all the while they all look nearly identical.

    • jellmoo

      I agree to an extent. I think that we do get a little too hung up on materials and aesthetics, but you have to admit that it can be hard to overlook the “wow” factor. Some devices can and will turn heads. Now, that doesn’t always translate to success or sales, but it makes for an interesting first look.

      The flip side is that this is *extremely* subjective. A lot of people love the look of say the M7 or M8. For me, they are nice looking, for sure, but I don’t go crazy for them. In my opinion, the best looking phone I’ve seen remains the first time I saw the Nokia N9. Plastic, for sure, but it just grabbed my attention.

      I think design is important, but it really needs to be tempered with functionality. I also think that when people are spending hundreds of dollars or locking themselves into a multi-year contract, they want their device to look and feel… premium. Again, this is subjective.

      Of course, what do I know? My daily driver is a Moto X, which is about as non-descript a phone as you can get. 😉

    • FlamesFan89

      You know to be perfectly honest, I don’t disagree at all. Obviously when you are shelling out a lot of money, you want the thing you are buying to not just function well, but to look good too.

      I just think that we have gotten to the point of splitting hairs, and as I mentioned before, from across the room, only the most techy of us (and we already make up the minority in society) can tell the difference between one phone and the next. Add to that the fact that lots, if not most, people put their phones into a case, and the discussion on the looks of the phone becomes truly moot.

    • calysto

      Phones, like laptops have become such ubiquitous appliances that they are now primarily differentiated by their designs. Aside from the main OS and the skins manufacturers wish to put on, there isn’t a whole lot differentiating the software. Why would you buy any Android phone over another if not for the possibly gimmicky features and design? An Android phone has to first and foremost have marketing hype and groupthink (see: Samsung) to sell, and secondly needs a strong design to differentiate itself from the pack.

      An ugly phone is no longer going to cut it. Today they have to be functional and beautiful (unless if it’s an iPhone where it could look like anything and sell. Unfortunately this theory cannot be proven because frankly iPhones have looked pretty damn great for a while).

    • FlamesFan89

      what makes a phone ugly though? it is totally subjective, and what I am saying is that for the most part, the comments about a phone being beautiful or ugly, are borderline ridiculous. From across the room, and inside a case, you can’t tell an iPhone from a Samsung, from a Nexus, unless of course you care about where the cutout is for the camera lens, and in that case, you are the extreme minority of the population.

      “An ugly phone is no longer going to cut it.”

      IF you are among the minority in society who can tell phones apart even if they are in your hands. The majority out there barely know that there is a difference between an Android phone and an iPhone. They are more concerned with “ooo, this one is pretty blue” or “look at the bedazzled case I can get for that one”. They most certainly are not measuring bezels to fractions of a millimeter or are worrying about where a logo is placed, etc.

      As for iPhones, I would say that they have looked just as nondescript as most other phones on the market for a while. They are a rectangle with rounded corners. I actually dislike the feel of an iPhone. The edges on it feel uncomfortable to hold if you ask me. It feels premium in terms of the build quality, material choice, and all that, but it isn’t a comfortable device in the hand compared to HTC One, or the Galaxy S4 or S5 or the like. They are far more comfortable in the hand in my opinion, which, in my opinion, makes them “look” better.

    • calysto

      It doesn’t really matter whether a phone looks good across a room or not. If that is the standard by which aesthetics are judged, then every jewelry, accessory, shoes, your $8,000 Rolex all look the same. It also doesn’t really matter to me how someone perceives what I own as a more personal aspect, but how I view it. I purposefully do not choose to buy “ugly” electronics for that reason; in some cases design is more appealing than spec wars that the software doesn’t even exist to use yet.

      There are several reasons why the HTC One wins almost every top smartphone list out there, and one of them is always the amazing design and feel of the phone in your hands. The iPhone similarly is often praised for having excellent hardware design. If it didn’t matter, manufacturers, tech reviews and enthusiasts wouldn’t care. Of course, I’d never trust good taste to public opinion as measured by sales (think of any awful top 40 artist or box office hit), so the Galaxy in all its blandness hits it out of the park in sales while the One struggles. I guess you could then ask what the point is if it doesn’t translate in sales, to which I would have no response for.

    • FlamesFan89

      Getting back to the heart of my point though, The One is different for having the completely metal backing, and I would definitely describe it as a good looking device, but it aside, almost every other phone on the market is either a black or white rectangle.

      My point is, what in the world would cause someone to describe just about ANY phone on the market as “ugly”. It’s a damn rectangle, they all are. Sure some might get described as looking better, as with the example of the One, but, really, what in the hell makes one of these rectangles “ugly”? It’s a damn rectangle. What devices do you think are ugly, and why? Really WHY?

  • jay

    Let’s wait for the price! If they make it serious than it should be 399$ but think it’ll be 700

    • ToniCipriani

      Pretty sure it’s $700 considering G2 went for that much. Unless of course Bell screws up again and sell them for $360…

    • Bri Bru

      they screwed up and sold G2 for $360?? outright??

    • ToniCipriani

      Yes outright, and I bought one and gave it to my sis. Actually it was $399 + 1 month of service. There’s a thread on RFD about this.

    • Dimitri

      Its true. Bell screwed up big time with it. The sold it for $399+ tax & 1 months service. I few of us bought it that same day. Only lasted for a few hours until they noticed it.

  • Columbo

    “To be simple is to be great” – translation, there’s nothing new or innovative about this phone at all, it’ll cost $700, please buy it anyway.

  • MrMM

    hope that’s a pic of an unfinished product…

  • Jerry S

    That back looks slippery and not a big fan of the white glossy color… Always a case to cover it. My white GS3 is also pretty slippery without a case.

  • Levar Rowe

    I love my g2 but Im conflicted on the g3 now, putting the speaker on the back again…They only better be doing that for the reason that they are definitely water proofing it and the back is removable. Was really hoping for front stereo speakers. No reason to update my g2 anyways as it’s still an excellent phone and I generally keep my phone for 2-3 years.

    • formulaphone

      Glad you noticed that. That was my first reaction too to be honest. Leave the speakers on the bottom.

  • Usaamah

    I think that back cover on there right now is just a development one. The final product will be different. The G2 Pro (not the mention to LE G2) both had matte patterned backs, so I would expect the same. The weird thing though is the speaker being on the back. I prefer it on the bottom, like the G2. Most of the time I use headphones anyways… but sound comes out of the pocket easier with speakers on the bottom.

  • formulaphone

    I actually like the way that this device looks. It’s clean for the most part, but not a fan of the chrome circle around the camera (like the Verizon G2).
    Hopefully they’ve cleaned up their UI a bit, as it looks in the other leaks.
    Though trying not to go too far in judgment until a proper reveal.

  • Jason Nexus

    No water and dust resistance no buy.

  • Matthew

    Seems to be a beast and I’ve loved the Nexus design from LG. Only concern is if 5.5 is just too much for me to go to. I did worry from 4 to 5 (Nexus) but I actually love handling the 5… oh well.