Vine relaunches its website as a YouTube for 6-second videos


  • St. Misery

    How this garbage became popular is beyond me, I guess I’m just too old to “get it”.

    • smokinjoe

      Vine is Instagram in motion for the narcissistic hipster types.

    • Jesus McDongswoggle

      So it’s like pretty much every other form of social media…

    • smokinjoe


    • AReid

      Nothing to do with age, it’s all about the iq.

    • calysto

      I’m in my late 20s and gave it a 20 second spin before deleting it. None of my friends, family or colleagues use it. Facebook and Instagram video seem to do just fine without the need for Vine. I think it will suffer the same popularity fate as Foursquare, relegated to a has-been

  • Guest

    someone please post a 6 second video of you reading these comments!

  • HD Z

    aka Short-Attention-Span-Tube dot com