Chrome Remote Desktop app hits Android, coming to iOS later this year


  • Roger

    I just set it up and tried. i like it better than teamviewer so far.

  • Ken Wiebe

    “For the few remaining Luddites using laptops or *gasp* desktops”

    Daniel, you are very uninformed…and really, is this a news post or just coffee talk?

    • Iz3man

      When all you do is chit chat and blog for a job, a desktop or even a laptop is kinda useless. Real jobs I guess need real hardware.

    • Ken Wiebe

      I’m glad companies still produce products for people that actually work for a living. It still upsets me that guys like Daniel make statements like this…it really shows that this is simply a personal post that doesn’t belong here.

    • mastjaso

      What are you talking about? This is a consumer electronics blog, and most consumer do not need a personal machine more powerful than a laptop or desktop.

      I personally love my various computers and electronics but the reality is all a lot of people use them for is basic web browsing which can be handled by a mobile device. I think it was also supposed to be a little tongue in cheek, certainly nothing worth getting worked up about unless you’re sensitive about being called a luddite.

    • Ken Wiebe

      MS: “We provide daily market and industry news & reviews.”

      I guess they should stick to actual facts then instead of “tongue in cheek” random thoughts…

    • mastjaso

      Maybe you should be getting your news from a legitimate news source instead of a blog then.

    • Ken Wiebe

      Sounds like a great idea 😉

  • realitycheck

    damn just tried this… its no teamviewer replacement just yet but its getting there. Its smoother than teamviewer, better compression?

  • Iz3man

    I honestly can’t ever see myself not having a desktop and laptop… CAD just doesn’t happen on a tablet or phone…

    I guess it’s hard to forget that most of us have jobs that need actual computing power…

    • Joseph

      I’m with you but for Photoshop and Lightroom but either way photography tablets and phones just don’t cut it yet.

  • EveryonesOpinion

    Tried it yesterday and it works like a charm. Will definitely be using it often.