Sony Xperia Z2 coming to Bell in May as an exclusive, will be sold unlocked at Sony stores


  • silver_arrow

    Seriously… Really they did something good by getting the Z1 on all the carrier then they go back to being a carrier exclusive. Not cool Sony.. Not cool at all…

    Please be an April Fools Joke…

    • cartfan88

      Perhaps this is a greater example of how things are done in Japan…and why the Koreans have surpassed them in certain aspects? Maybe? For a country relying on unpredented money printing ‘Abenomics’ to fix everything maybe this is a kind of lazy thinking that comes with it? The Z2 had a ton of buzz and to be on an exclusive with arguably the worst of the big 3 (if that’s possible)….no wonder in many areas Sony is circling the drain. Am I being to harsh or is this as you said ‘April fools’?

    • bob9722

      There is actually legit reasoning behind this move, Sony won’t even be able to manufacture the Z2 for Canada if it had not find a carrier to provide financial support for the manufacturing process.

  • Tech Guru

    Sony lol. When will consumers wake up and realize this is a crap company with a slew of mediocre products?

    • Bri Bru

      Really? I’m starting to like what Sony’s doing since they started out with Xperia Z. Sony’s products look pretty solid to me.

    • bigshynepo

      What is crap about the Z2?
      It beats the Samsung GS5 in many important areas.

    • southerndinner

      If it’s anything like the Z1 for reliability, I’m refusing to sell it.

    • bigshynepo

      Reliability issues plague every brand but I also hope that they have increased QA after the Z1 and some of their other handset issues.
      Besides the freezing and the camera quality, what was your next biggest gripe about the Z1 hardware?

    • southerndinner

      They are by far the most commonly “no fault found” or “non repairable” phones sent in, despite being a fraction of the sales of Samsung/Apple. Those morons fused the USB port to the motherboard and other components, leading to difficult/impossible repairs

    • ThomasMarkhamnis

      yeah because samsung has never had issues with any of their phones eh? Not even the 30% return rates some networks were having due to the s4’s crappy batteries that were becoming paper weights just a few weeks into use?

    • southerndinner

      Not even close. I rarely see Motorola, Apple or Samsung devices come back defective compared to Sony. I sell maybe one Sony for every 30 Samsung or Apple phones yet more of them come back defective than anything else..

      My colleagues in other stores find the same thing and our service manager for the city despises Sony because of their garbage reliability

    • Gitarooman

      not anymore mediocre than Apple or Samsung.

    • southerndinner

      Don’t spread that truth here. The Japonophile fat kids and hipsters are all excited about the newest phone that won’t sell well.

    • bigshynepo

      As compared to the Koreaophiles and the Applephiles?
      What about the Chinaphiles?

      Where do people like you come from anyways?

    • bob9722

      wow… so much for biases

  • bill

    I sure hope this is an April Fools Joke

  • A. A. Eldine

    If this isn’t april fools…..

  • hyperhyper

    Great potential as a phone. Terrible availability thanks to exclusivity deal.

    • Remy Basi

      I agree with you.. but maybe it’s a good thing. I want to get this phone but I am worried about the self bending
      issue. It’s a relatively common problem with the Z1. If you keep it in
      plastic(or other material that doesn’t conduct heat) covers, heat can’t
      get out so phone gets hot. Z1’s frame is made of aluminum while the case
      is glass. Metal changes length more than glass when exposed to heat so
      the phone bends. Many users reported having their xperia z1s bend even
      without using a case… It has the same design as the z and z1 so I am
      pretty sure sony did not fix this issue in the z2.

  • Dimitri

    I really doubt this is a April’s Fools joke as Newswire doesn’t joke about stuff like this. I saw this coming anyways either from Bell or Telus. Rogers wasn’t doing so much for Sony.

  • Max Fireman

    Lame. Sony lacks business sense. Could have sold a ton of Z2 in Canada then comes out with this “Meh, we don’t care who sells our phones. How about just the blue company?” approach. Disappointing to say the least.

    • Remy Basi

      I agree with you lol I really want this phone but I am with Rogers… looks like my only option now is it get one off contract *sad face*

  • Pasalacqua

    I guess that means I’m sticking with my S4.

  • marorun1982

    Exclusive for 1 carrier = not selling. Too bad will stick to my Z1

  • Google-Street-View

    Totally dissed by this news. What’s the deal with “exclusive deals”!

  • d094

    was bummed until i saw the last line… available at Sony stores… assuming that is unlocked good news. I’m still waiting on a camera shootout between the gs5 and z2 before i buy one.

    • jrmtl

      Yes let’s hope it’s unlocked at the Sony stores …it’s OK if it’s 2500$ 🙂 to buy outright

    • Tor Guy

      It’s already stated that it will come to Sony stores unlocked, but you would have to be on crack to buy it, they’ll charge like $1200 easily.
      However I heard they have a promotion going where you get a free 32 inch tv with the purchase of a Z2, that would be worth imo

    • jrmtl

      Only in the UK 🙂 In Canada they give away pens.

    • Stimulator

      The Z1 was sold unlocked at the Sony store, so I imagine the Z2 will be as well.

  • Dalex

    Sony’s never been good at releasing broadly available phones in North America so this is no surprise. Still this is disappointing. I don’t personally want the Z2 since its stupidly large, but I do want Sony to succeed and this not bode well for a future Z2 compact being broadly available (if at all).

    • ThomasMarkhamnis

      I’m with you on this. Something this size literally looks stupid to me. It honestly looks like a phone made for handicapped people who need big buttons and icons with special colour schemed interfaces. I would’ve loved it if they brought the z1 compact to Canada but clearly they have given up on north america…

  • Trek S

    wow, is this serious.

  • Gregg Lowden

    Thanks Sony, seems you’re clueless approach to sales grows. No worries, if I cared you’ll release a replacement for this phone in under 6 months and maybe that will be Rogers exclusive.

  • talarico

    Note to Sony : I thought the whole idea of creating a 2014 flagship device was to sell to the masses?? You are in the business of making money in the cellphone market, correct? You were never going to beat Samsung or Apple in sales but by only selling your Z2 device exclusively on Bell, you’ve already shot yourself in the foot. You are not even giving yourself a small chance to be competitive. I for one, was seriously considering the z2 as my next device. I don’t plan to switch to Bell just to get the device so, Sony, you have effectively changed my mind. You get no money from me. Way to go!

    • cartfan88

      “Just DON’T take my money then!” Sony 2014

  • southerndinner

    Hopefully the quality control goes up on these. Sold a bunch of Z1s but way too many of them are coming back defective than should have given their relatively low sales compared to Apple and Samsung.

    Might be a pretty phone but no way in hell I would recommend it to a friend or family member that expects it to last two years. Sony quality control is unacceptably low.

  • Nauman.Choudhry

    Everyone is blaming Sony, but perhaps the other carriers didn’t even want to carry the phone. And if that is the case is it a bad thing that they took X dollars from Bell and made it an exclusive.

    I hope other carriers pick it up, because most people buy phones on subsidy and Sony selling it at Sony stores is not going to help move the product.

    • southerndinner

      Carrier exclusive means that carriers don’t want the phone because it won’t sell. There’s a reason all Samsung and Apple phones are carrier exclusive free – customers want to buy their products.

      The Z1 probably cost Telus and Rogers a bunch of money to repair the crappy phone when it inevitably breaks and Sony refuses to fix it.

    • Shane

      The Apple iPhone was once exclusive to Rogers in Canada, and AT&T in the USA. That’s hardly indicative of it’s capacity to sell.

      It’s no different than exclusive titles on Xbox/PS.

      That said, bad move by Sony. But they must have has a fairly attractive reason to do so.

    • southerndinner

      It was exclusive to them because the others carriers’ networks weren’t compatible with their devices at the time, nothing more.

    • Tor Guy

      Trust me, if that was the case, Bell wouldn’t accept them either. You think Bell is some charity company accepting phones that wont sell??
      Get real buddy, its either a bad move on Sony’s part, or something corrupt that the public doesn’t know about that’s going on.(marketing tactic between companies)
      The fact that they want to release a flagship phone every 6 months shows you the stupid mentally they have, in the end of the day they are just people like you and me.

    • southerndinner

      I’m not suggesting charity, I’m suggesting that Bell is paying Sony for an exclusive on the rights. And Sony is accepting because they are bleeding money, due in large part to their poor quality products.

    • Tor Guy

      Rogers already has the Z1 which is doing very well, so it doesn’t make sense that it would go to Bell only.

  • Ali F.

    I had the z1 from Rogers, I noticed when LTE is enabled the signal fluctuates and keeps dropping to zero. They replaced it with another one and still same issue. I wonder if any knows about this.

    They also replaced the Sim card.

    • Remy Basi

      I noticed that the signal fluctuates with all of my rogers phones. I get bored of phones so I change them quite frequently… I had the htc one, s4, galaxy note 3, sony xperia z1, LG G2, the iphone 5 and now back with an htc one… and with all of my phones I noticed that the signal fluctuates quite frequently. It’s incredibly annoying…. so it is definitely the network’s fault and not a fault of the phone (even though Rogers always tried to blame my phones or sim card lol)

  • Bigfriggindeal

    1. Introduce a new flagship phone 4 months after the last – tick off your previous buyers
    2. At the introduction have no clue when or where it will be available
    3. Lock in with the least successful of the oligopoly, leaving out 3/4 of the population
    4. Tell everyone that you will be doing the same in another 6 months

    Seems that Sony could use a new business model.

  • bembol

    I’m happy.

  • bigshynepo

    As of Feb 24, 2014, Sony announced it was closing 2/3rds of it’s retail stores in the USA. Not sure how that bodes for Canada but unfortunately Sony needs to trim the fat and get profitable while apple is all profits and can run stores at a loss if it needs too (not like apple stores lose money tho).

  • AM Radio

    i’m going to be a sucker for this phone no matter where it lands. my S3 is getting long in the tooth, but looking at the S4 and S5, there’s little reason in upgrading with Samsung.

    the reviews for the Z2 so far are very promising, with the better-than-sRGB display, 3GB of RAM, dual front-facing speakers, noise cancellation tech (we’ll see how that works), magnetic charging, and 0% TouchWiz bloat. and i actually really like the minimalist aesthetic of the industrial design.

    i’ll buy it (for a ridiculous mark-up, likely) from the Sony Store. i haven’t bought a phone from a carrier (for myself anyway) in eight years, so this won’t change things.

    that said, having it as a Bell exclusive is a bonkers way to push this phone.

  • deltatux

    Guess only way is to get it directly from the Sony store if you want it on other carriers, that or buy an import.

    • Andrw

      Given the time it took the Z1 to be sold direct from the Sony store unlocked, I’ll gladly wait for the Z2 factory unlocked online should it ever becomes available. If not, guess it’s import or through the Canadian e-tailers.

      This will be my phone of the year replacing the Nexus 4.

  • Skippypaccino


    • Remy Basi

      lol you took the word right out of my mouth =/

  • p_lindsay

    This probably has almost nothing to do with Sony. I’m sure if they had it their way they’d have this phone on every carrier in the world, they just don’t have the hype of Samsung or Apple even though this phone is better than anything made by either. If they were smart they’d sell it in Sony Stores unlocked for a reasonable price, but I’m not counting on it.

  • Guest

    hardware wise this phone seems like a home run no? Big battery, great camera, nice design and a speedy processor? what gives why no hype for this?

    • Remy Basi

      I want to get this phone but I have worried about the self bending issue. It’s a relatively common problem with the Z1. If you keep it in plastic(or other material that doesn’t conduct heat) covers, heat can’t get out so phone gets hot. Z1’s frame is made of aluminum while the case is glass. Metal changes length more than glass when exposed to heat so the phone bends. Many users reported having their xperia z1s bend even without using a case… It has the same design as the z and z1 so I am pretty sure sony did not fix this issue in the z2.

  • Remy Basi

    Rogers is not getting this?? *sad face*

  • Tor Guy

    BAD BAD BAD HORRIBLE marketing decision on Sony’s part. Bell only?? Really stupid move, bunch of bozos at Sony.
    The fact that Sony recently stated they want to make a new flagship phone every 6 months is retarded in itself.
    If Sony wants to earn the market and make the dollars, they have to release to almost all Carriers.
    Im with Rogers, Rogers has the Z1 and so does Bell, and now suddenly they want to make the Z2 a Bell exclusive? This world is full d*****s’s, and im not saying this because now I cant get this phone, it just doesn’t make ANY logical marketing sense whatsoever.

  • Azreik

    One thing to think about, The reason it could be a Bell exclusive is maybe because Rogers and Telus were simply not interested in having it in there lineup since its not called Samsung S5… so you cant really blame Sony for this. Im sure Sony, like any other company would love to have there products on as many carriers as possible. And if you really want this phone, why not buy it unlocked online somewhere?

  • simbob

    I would have rather wanted to see the Z1 Compact

  • JB

    This is by far the best android phone available.

  • ThomasMarkhamnis

    looks like sony is pulling a motorola in the canadian market. Release a phone but only give it to one carrier and sit there clueless at the end of the year as to why it didn’t sell well…

  • Q Abdul

    So, I guess Videotron is not having this phone.. They should have chosen this phone to iPhones.. It really saddens me..

  • Janice Lai

    I was looking forward to switching to this phone ever since 3 months ago. Since I have a corporate plan with Rogers, I might as well get the z1 or wait for the iphone 6. This is a disappointment. Would it be possible that Rogers will get the z2 a few months after Bell releases the phone? Or does carrier exclusive mean it’s forever exclusive at bell 🙁

  • Stan

    To be honestly, it is a problem of Canada not sony….
    Until Canadians will wake up from cdma days(contracts), nothing will change.
    Customers should dictate the market not companies who just collect money

  • dog

    why would anyone go exclusive??? Theres no way in hell bell would ever pay them enough for loss of sales because the value of a sale is way more then the dollar amount. You need that product out there in as many hands as possible advertising for your company! In stead of buying commercials i would spend that budget on giving out free ones just so theres a big base in the market.

  • Ashley

    I love my Z1, wish Rogers was going to carry the Z2! Shame on you Sony 🙁 don’t make me go back to iPhone!

  • Emil

    will the phone (from either bell or sony) come with the dock or earphones?