Rogers offering existing customers in Quebec a $70/6GB plan to prevent exodus to Videotron


  • HD Z

    Québec FTW

  • AReid

    Got that same corp. plan for $52 tax in.

    • It’s Me

      The auto plan? Should have a 10GB soft cap on that one.

    • mynexusca

      Which corp plan for which corporation? That’s an amazing deal.

  • Plazmic Flame

    But in Ontario, for the same plan, you get your @$$ ripped for $125 a month. Then on the cheapest plan at $80/month you get 500MBs??? Amazingly, ridiculous.

    • Dimitri

      Its Quebec, what do you expect. They get whatever they want. They are mostly excluded from promotions here in Ontario & the rest tho.

    • Super_Deluxe

      Don’t forget Manitoba, 5GB plan for $55 🙂

    • avikingdj

      I know of the unlimited calling and text with 3GB for $55 and the rogers site has the 5GB plan for $65 what plan are you talking about for $55?

      Is that a retention plan?
      Is it a listed plan?
      How did you get this plan?

    • Super_Deluxe

      It came out shortly after the 3GB plan last year but instead of unlimited Nation wide calling, it was replaced with 400 Nation wide minutes which is of course more than enough for me.

      And yeah they bumped it up $10 extra which still isn’t bad compared to the other insanely overpriced plans.

    • Mikie

      Almost worth walking around with a manitoba number.. who talks these days anyway?

    • Ulysses Grant

      I still prefer what Quebec has to offer. Besides, promotions in Ontario are mostly crappy anyways.

    • gab_gagnon

      Hahahahaha! That’s the stupidest comment I’ve ever read about private corp. They are not giving this plan because they like us! Videotron is becoming pretty big in Quebec’s mobile world and others need to move! That’s what happens when you have different players in a market. Videotron is driving prices down and it is for the benefits of customers.

  • Davan Mills

    Now for Videotron to make all of Robellus quiver: iPhone with truly unlimited data for 65$ a month, or less…

    • ScooterinAB

      No one is really quivering. Rogers just signed an agreement with Videotron. Signing a 20 year network agreement looks quote the opposite of quivering.

  • MXH070

    Clueless wind mobile should work out a deal to lease/share LTE tower space with Bell / Telus / Rodgers in BC same as videotron did in Quebec. I would switch but Winds coverage is utterly pathetic in BC once wind can be province wide with LTE then they will be seen as a option. BC / Alberta / Ontario are getting screwed as there is ZERO competition in the the monopoly market these provinces so prices can be fixed.

    • hamza

      Robellus would never agree to lease anything to WIND. They know that they’ll begin to lose customers left, right and centre.

    • gab_gagnon

      That’s what happened in Québec and Rogers knew that would happen. Right now, Vidéotron offers free roaming on Rogers’ network, in the provincem, for its clients. If my phone can’t reach any Videotron tower anywhere in Québec, it will start to search a Rogers’ tower and they are about anywhere. They know they’re network isn’t as reliable as others so they needed a solution. It seems like a good solution, they are quickly growing and Robellus is losing customers, for our benefits! 🙂

  • fruvous

    Great to see Rogers so proactive towards the customer’s best interests. If you want customers to stay, offer it to them. Don’t make them beg for it.

  • d3v14n7

    And yet, the rest of Canada pays $120+ a month for the same plan, that’s bulls**t, if they offer a plan somewhere, it should be available to ALL customers regardless what province they live in…

    • Super_Deluxe

      I honestly feel very bad for you guys. We get the 5GB plan with everything else included for $65 in Manitoba. I agree it’s completely unfair that you guys have to pay double what it was this time last year.

    • Dave

      And I feel bad for you for living in Manitoba.

    • Super_Deluxe

      Why is that? What’s wrong with Manitoba?

    • Dave

      It’s cold, boring, and in the middle of nowhere. But hey, at least you got a good plan.

    • Kusanagi

      That’s why we needed a “cost to cost” competitor like Verizon to kick their a**…

      If the competition is only in Quebec, they will drop the price only there.

  • ViveLeQuébec

    haha vive le québec!

  • commonsense

    does it work in ottawa?

    • gab_gagnon

      Probably not, I think you’ll need a Québec address… If you live in Gatineau and work in Ottawa, you’re good, for sure.

  • Nachotech

    If Manitoba and Saskatchewan can have their own government owned carriers, could Ontario not do the same? It pretty obvious that with any sort of competition at all Canadians cell phone prices would drop dramatically; I mean the identical plan to this one in Ontario is $125/month. Because of one real competitor Rogers was forced to lower the price of their 6GB plan by $55 a month.

    • Super_Deluxe

      I agree. The only way to keep prices reasonable is the government have a carrier in each province for cheap prices and good coverage. That way there won’t be a monopoly and there will be an actual competition. MTS is the reason why we still have decent prices. Rogers Bell and Telus all have the same plans also but for reasonable prices. Similar to MTS pricing

    • J-Ro

      Ontario government? They can barely regulate car insurance or fix potholes. If you think cellular is an importance to the Ontario government, you got another thing coming. I have lived in Ontario all my life and never have I seen such an expensive place to live. The closer you are to the GTA, the more you pay for EVERYTHING.

      Even gas gets cheaper when you lose sight of Toronto.

    • hyperhyper

      You obviously haven’t been up to northern Ontario. The gas prices are crazy expensive – except in North Bay where you can buy the native gas without paying taxes (supposed to be for natives only but they sell to anyone and the government turns a blind eye to avoid dealing with it ).

    • J-Ro

      I am sure all of the dense areas of Ontario are horrible. We have a better chance of a revolution than the government actually regulating prices. I would kill to get similar car insurance to other provinces. TTC isn’t reliable enough for transit.

  • Jean Charestan

    Sorry there is a mistake….

    If you are a Videotron customer (cable and internet) remove extra $ 5.00 from the invoice for combined offer so 59.99 become 54.99

    Robellus continue to scroll us, they do not have the decency to respect client they continue to advertise a monthly plan as SUPER-PROMOTION for 120.00$ I can believe this

    Weshould have an equivalent of videotron on each province then the big three… go
    to hell

  • HeyYoWL

    I wish more people in Ontario who is in Wind’s coverage zone would switch. Then they’d have more money to expand. I’ve tried LTE, but have no use for it. I’d imagine the general population would be fine with 3G as well, but feel the need to have the best and so go for LTE. Seriously unless you’re streaming Netflix, who cares if the network isn’t blazing fast, 3G isn’t that bad. But people want to continue lining Rogers pockets to pay a low initial price on phones and be stuck in an endless cycle…

    • J-Ro

      We complained when our networks were outdated. Now they are too ahead of the times? Obviously if the majority of people aren’t choosing Wind, it is for good reason. Believe it or not, some people need to have reliable reception.

      I personally don’t understand how Wind phones are using older technology but cost the same as LTE enabled devices

    • Andrew_notPorC

      Because the LTE radio costs next to nothing, and most device wind sells are capable of LTE.

    • HeyYoWL

      I never said they are too ahead of the times, just that not everyone needs LTE or max coverage. But you can’t be suggesting that everyone needs LTE, right? Most people who use data I’ll bet use it for surfing and messaging, maybe google maps. YouTube HD works just fine with 3G. I’m all about getting what you need. Some people need coverage above all else, like people who need it for work.

      But I’m sure the people who use data for personal use far outweigh the people who use it for business use. If LTE came at a much lower cost I’d definitely use it, I wouldn’t want to regress in technology. If we got data at the cost you get in other developed countries it wouldn’t be so bad. But considering Wind is offering what they do at $30 a month and anything even remotely similar from the Big 3 generally cost quadruple the cost now, why would I want LTE?

      For those who need extra coverage or want high speeds for streaming personal videos, and are happy to pay for the premium, I get it. But there are so many others who really need LTE and would do well to switch to Wind instead and save more money while helping them expand so that they can offer better coverage.

    • J-Ro

      The big carriers cover 90+% of the population in Canada. The LTE is great but if anyone wanted an older phone, they could do so and save tons of money. A 3G phone would cost you $100 or less.

      Wind is great for some but the coverage is not ideal for most.

    • Tom

      Many of the devices they sell are LTE enabled. A lot of new devices today no longer feature non-LTE variants given LTE’s rapidly growing popularity.

      Just because the radio isn’t actually usable on the network doesn’t mean Wind gets to buy the devices at a discount as a result.

      If you buy a phone like a Nexus 5 or one of the new BB10s or the HTC One off Wind, it’s going to have an LTE radio that will immediately work if you put in a robellus sim card.

    • J-Ro

      I belive Wind phones only work on Rogers and not on LTE. Maybe the phones are different now but I know before they didn’t. I don’t think they use the correct band.

    • Tom

      Nope, Rogers/bell/telus use the same 3G and LTE bands. Rogers does also use 2600Mhz which bell/telus don’t (correct me if i’m wrong), but 1700 Mhz LTE is used by all three.

      Many older wind phones only supported 1700/2100Mhz 3G so they didn’t work on bell/telus and only worked on Rogers on 2G (bell/telus do not have 2G networks). That’s probably what you are referring to.

      But in recent years, most AWS-enabled phones are quad or pentaband, e.g. all Nexuses since the Galaxy Nexus, the T999 variant of the Galaxy S3, all North American variants of the HTC One S, etc. So they will work on Bell/Telus 3G too.

      As for LTE, like I said, it depends on the phone. E.g. the Nexus 5 is the same whether you buy it off Google Play, Robellus, or Wind – so if you buy a wind nexus 5 it will have LTE that will automatically work if you stick in a robellus sim. Some manufacturers choose to make non-LTE versions for Wind and other non-LTE carriers. Some choose to sell the same phone to everyone where possible. It all depends.

    • Nadefrenzy

      Wind’s top speeds hit 10Mbps (sometimes), but their lows are around 256Kbps and they average around 2-4Mbps which is unacceptable for me since i mostly just stream hq songs/videos.

      Least LTE is consistently above 8+Mbps.

    • Thomas Yok

      I’ve been streaming Netflix with Wind tethering on my 42 LED TV for a couple years now. Was great to dump cable, and even better saving so much money.

  • HelloCDN

    And now you know the real reason why we “don’t need” a 4th nationwide carrier. AB, BC and ON are the cash cows for the carriers.

  • jeff

    When will Canadians learn that competition is bad for telecom share holders. This is a perfect example of how competition is hurting shareholders bottom line. For shame /s

    • abc123

      You’re seriously using this argument as a reason to continue with the status quo?

      Next, are you going to say that all the major pension plans in Canada are heavily invested in the Big 3 so we should continue to support them and let them gouge us even more?

      Guess what? Shareholders are greedy, but not stupid. They know when change is coming and sell. Same with the pension plan managers.

      I don’t know about you, but there was a time when a company’s first priority was to it’s primary source of revenue… the customer. Nowadays, they are more focused on fiscal performance to the point where each quarter needs to be better than the last. Totally unsustainable in the long run.

    • jeff


    • abc123

      Oh I see now. I missed that… Sorry.

  • Omis

    Notice how rogers never fears an exodus to Bell or Telus.

  • Ben

    FYI, I happened to call Fido for something else on Friday and I mentioned I wanted to switch to Rogers as I have an interesting offer a work (all inclusive 5GB corporate plan @50$) and they offered me exactly this plan for the same price without even transferring me to retention. Give it a try.

    • gab_gagnon

      Weird, Fido is part of Rogers… I don’t think they would cry if you would have left to their boss…

  • Dr. Obvious

    I pay $39 a month, plus tax, for unlimited everything. Obviously I’m not a customer of Rogers, Bell or Telus. I don’t understand why anyone is. Terrible companies with even worse customer service. I am a customer of Wind, and they are awesome. I live in Hamilton, but often commute between Toronto, Barrie and Peterborough. I have never had any service issues at all. In fact, I often use my phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot for my laptop when not at home. Always get a great connection, and it’s unlimited. If you guys actually want Rogers et. al. to change the way they operate, stop giving them your hard earned money!

    • SkAshe

      I would kill to be with Wind. Still not with Robellus tho. Got a special 55$ plan with 6gb with Videotron. I will never switch to one of the big 3!!

    • dancingchicken

      I would love to not support the Big 3. However with Wind and Mobilicity, everyone’s experience varies. Some get great reception and service and some just don’t. I’ve tried both and do not get great reception or service (I live and work in the downtown core) so I’m forced to use the big three:-(…but with a little google research I was able to get unlimited everything + 6gb of data for $50.85 a month with Bell/Virgin Mobile 🙂

    • wes

      Don’t have Wind in Quebec. Paying 40$ for voice + 6gig plan, so it’s not too bad.

    • gab_gagnon

      where did you get this? Like 5 years ago with Koodo?

    • wes

      Got it in August 2013. 25$ voice plan (250 mins) + 30$ 6 gig plan + 10$ and 5$ credit per month. With Fido.

    • gab_gagnon

      In the province, Videotron is known to have an excellent customer service. They advertise the hell out of it and that’s a priority to them. Happy client will bring clients!

  • L-m Ahouin

    You need to change the article. From now on every Videotron plan over fifty dollars is Canada wide for voice text and data. It’s on the website and I called and they confirmed that it is Canada wide…. Great news.

  • MrGreen72

    You think people just love paying more?

    • MrGreen72

      You’re grasping at straws here, to say the least, but whatever floats your boat.