Update: Apple releases the 8GB iPhone 5c across Europe


  • Sweet

    Apple is reminding me of the workstation makers like SGI who started off by making high-end, high-margin products and couldn’t, or didn’t want to, make moderate or budget computers. Those workstations makers got killed by the PC makers who started at the low end and expanded to the higher end. Keep an eye out for ZTE and Huawei. IMO, they’re to the smartphone market what PC makers were to the computer market in the early 90s.

    • alphs22

      Your example makes no sense as as Apple is still thriving in the PC market with their high end line. They make 45% of the profits in the PC industry with single digit market share.

      They’ll undoubtedly lose market share to Android and WP because they’re not selling iPhones in the low-and-mid range. However, focusing on high margin items doesn’t mean they’ll end up like SGI.

      If anything, look out for ZTE and Huawei to struggle to turn a profit the way current PC makers are, in a race to the bottom.

    • Sweet

      I think you may have misunderstood my analogy. I’ll rephrase it.

      Apple is to the smartphone market as workstation makers like SGI were to the computer market in the early 90s — they make high-end, high-margin devices. ZTE and Huawei are to the smartphone market as the PC makers were to the computer market in the early 90s — they make low-end, low-margin devices.

      In the computer market, PC makers practically killed the workstation market because the PC makers started at the low-end and expanded to the high-end, whereas the workstation makers remained at the high-end. Because the smartphone industry seems to be following the same path as the computer market has, I predict companies like ZTE and Huawei will overtake high-end smartphone makers like Apple in terms of both revenue and market share. Apple should still be the leader in profit margin.

      I agree it was an exaggeration for me to imply that Apple would be killed off in the smartphone market. But I do see them dropping to 15% or lower (worldwide), because of the expected boom in smartphone adoption in emerging markets.

      BTW, Apple has certainly increased their market share in the computer market, though it still remains well below that of the PC. And Apple’s computer sales are also declining, though, not as much as PC makers like Dell.

  • Stephen_81

    How much space does iOS7.1 take up on a device?

    With iPhone being an iPod with phone capabilities wouldn’t an 8GB model be filled up extremely fast?

    • alphs22

      Approximately 3GB, so 5GB of usable space.

      Definitely not for me, but hey it may be enough for some people.

    • Stephen_81

      I suppose there is the 60yo+ demographic who have mobile phones primarily for phones/communication with their iOS carrying family.

      I just can’t see this as a good buy for the majority, even 16GB fills up quickly, and in Canada it isn’t like we really can rely on cloud services unless we have a huge data pile.

    • thedesmodes

      And the 10 year olds whose parents spoil them with iphones.

    • Stephen_81

      Nope, my 12yr old niece whom I spoil has 10GB of content on her smartphone already between games and music
      I think OneDirection and Katy Perry albums and music videos put 5GB on the device before I even had a SIM in it.

    • thedesmodes

      Really wow I thought that kids wouldn’t use as much space, I thought that they would just get games and maybe a few songs.

    • MatroXX

      A formatted 8Gb flash memory is aprox. 7.6GB – ~3 GB will give you ~ 4.6 GB of usable memory, which is crippling to the device already.

    • Richard Xing

      iOS 7.1 in around 6GB of usable space.

  • bluecanada

    I think they ought to leave the 5c at 16 GB, and keep on selling it once the phone cycle resets.

    Offering an 8GB iPhone is just mean — people don’t understand just how useless they are until they’re stuck with them. Only good for cloud-based services, as there’s just no storage…

    • Bri Bru

      Some people don’t need much storage. Like my parents, they only take pictures and that’s it. I think it all comes to pricing.. I really hoped that Apple release a budget phone.

    • bluecanada

      5 GB is iffy even for photos… but I guess some people clear out their phone every few months…

      I get why Apple won’t release a budget phone — they don’t want to cannibalize their own sales. They’re a premium brand, and so they protect those margins.

    • thedesmodes

      I might be wrong but didn’t apple release an app that syncs your photos to your computer, or that you could access the photos from your other apple devices?

  • goolger

    time to flood the market ala samsung

  • St. Misery

    What could they possibly be saving off 8GB of storage space? Is it worth the tradeoff for a rotten user experience? 8gb don’t go far on iOS, can’t even complete updates without moving all your media off. Happy to be not be using one.

  • Jeff Brassard

    Any phone with only 8gb of storage is a non starter if it doesn’t have a micro sd expansion. My wife’s iphone 4 with 8gb was an unqualified disaster. Even with almost no apps and just a bit of music the thing was almost always full. Micro SD makes this disappear, but Apple loves ripping off its customers for extra memory too much to ever go down that path.

  • nwadam

    The problem with iphones is that you need to be on at least an $80 a month plan to get any sort of subsidy on them or pay the $500+ retail price to get them on a lower price per month. Slowly they are losing their grasp to very powerful androids in the $300 price range because people can get those phones for as low as $40/month.

  • bembol

    I love the 5C (sister has it) and I would’ve bought it as a back up and as an iPod if Apple wasn’t so paranoid and priced it like Google’s nexus 5.

    If they sell this 8GB @ $499 I need to really start Thinking Different.

    • sicsicpuppy

      am thinking it’ll be $550

    • MatroXX

      Try $785 CDN
      ‘Premium, unapologetic plastic’

  • Hail Eff

    I think Apple releasing an 8GB 5c is silly, especially for the price. It doesn’t have nearly as good capabilities, especially at such little storage.

    My iPod Touch 4th gen is only 8GB and has iOS6, and already barely has any room left for much more than about 12 or so extra apps, and a few hundred songs. I THINK it’s safe to assume (I can’t remember for sure how much exactly, but I’m pretty positive) iOS7 is larger than 6. And since it’s a phone, I’m sure that would take up a little more room.

    By the end, you’ve barely got any room for anything else. For the huge price already, and since it’s iPhone (in my opinion), you might as well just get a model with larger storage space for the extra price, since you’re already spending hundreds of dollars anyway…

  • avikingdj

    retails for £429 unlocked ($785 CDN) for 8GB

    Holly crap people will pay anything to have the apple logo. Hipsters gotta love em.

    • Richard Xing

      The S4 was £630 ($992 CDN) at launch. Prices in the UK are always much higher than that of Canada and the US.

  • Ian Berg

    I paid $130 outright for a new 6GB Nokia Lumia 710 in 2012. $200 outright is the most I’d pay for a new 8GB iphone 5c (it’s never going to happen).