Google launches cross-platform multiplayer gaming on iOS and Android, brings targeted ads to in-app purchases


  • Zee

    Dare I say… changer? See what I did there?

  • Stephen_81

    Gameloft does a decent job at allowing me to use one account on my iPhone, Android and BlackBerry (when they keep version numbers the same)

    Would be nice to see more portability. I really like the size of the Note3 and the iPhone4S for different things, but both of them I use to play racing games and being able to have more continuity across more games would be nice.

  • Luuthian

    At least Google seems to be paying actual attention to driving the mobile games business. This is exactly what I was hoping to see from Apple but it never materialized. They just never took gaming seriously.

    Hopefully Google continues to create and improve mobile gaming over time.