Case manufacturer reveals possible Galaxy S5 Prime variant, April ship date

As it did with the Nexus 5, case manufacturer Spigen has revealed, through a number of Amazon postings, the possible design of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5.

A device rendering of what looks to be a device similar in design to the Galaxy S4, complete with a hardware home button below the screen, has been revealed in a case listing of “Premium Protection SF Coated Non-Slip Matte Hard Case for Galaxy S5 and Galaxy S5 Prime (2014)”.

In other words, Spigen believes that Samsung will announce two variants of the Galaxy S5 on Monday, a traditional plastic S5, and a premium metal S5 Prime. This notion corroborates the rumours we’ve heard as far back as early January that Samsung is preparing to split its next Galaxy into two categories.


The renderings also reveal a dual-toned flash, which goes along with Samsung’s announcement of three new smartphone- and tablet-optimized flash modules. The included flash looks to be Samsung’s Side View LED, which, according to a press release, “features high color reproducibility, thanks to their high brightness levels. Samsung’s Side View LED packages are also power-efficient, operating on less than 2.9 volts.”

A ship date of April 15th also corroborates a Samsung exec’s previous comments that the next Galaxy will be available in April, and is all about “the display and the feel of the cover.”

Of course, all of this must be taken with a heavy dose of skepticism, but this wouldn’t be the first time (on purpose or otherwise) that Spigen has jumped the gun on revealing the design of an unannounced smartphone.

Screenshot 2014-02-21 11.33.24

We’ll know all of Samsung’s plans on Monday at 2pm. In the meantime, check out the company’s teaser for the Galaxy S5, which hints at a waterproof device.

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