Samsung Galaxy S5 launching by April, exec says ‘it’s about the display and the feel of the cover’


  • expos9439

    Top this, Apple!

    • sak hus

      Have been S4 user since May 2013 and can’t wait to get my hands on S5. I sold my iCrap4 for S3 and never looked back at the antiquated/for 10 year old o/s.

    • jeff

      I did the same thing and have been loving android. I switched to the N5 to try the stock android feel and will not go back to the more heavily skinned phones such as the samsung line. Stock runs so much quicker and has no extra carrier bloat/eom bloat that can’t be removed. I still have my ipad2 which is still doing what I need it to do (although more ram would be great if you want more than two or three tabs open in your browser). I’ll be looking to upgrade next year sometime to a nexus 10 type device. Even with ios 7 the apple experience is getting a bit boring on the phone side. Love the bigger screens and the choice of screen size available to the android community.

  • Maes33

    First two comments mention apple. Are you guys insecure.

    • HelloCDN

      Lol, of course they are. Nerd trolls are the majority on this website unfortunately.

    • alexxx

      Ure doin it right now 😛

    • sak hus

      I had iphone4 traded for s3 and mentioning that makes me inseure. Seems you apple iDiots are more.

    • Maes33

      The point is nobody cares. It’s a samsung article.

    • sak hus

      You cared enough to point it out

    • Maes33

      While you’re at it why don’t you have a post of what you had for dinner last night. get the point yet.

  • HiKsFiles

    Been holding that urge to change my horrible blue S3 for a much better looking S4 for at least 6 months. I probably won’t be able to resist the S5… especially if it still ships with a Snapdragon SoC here in North America 🙂

    • Exikle

      Same, except I’m not trying to resist, I’ve been waiting for it to come and will get it asap

    • HiKsFiles

      I resist switching to a S4… I won’t resist anymore once the S5 is out! 😉

  • Samuel Gomez Recuero

    The size of the battery looks promising, I’m just hope it won’t have that much bloatware like the S4 did. Anyone looking for this will be better off with the 32gb version as with the S4.

    • alexxx

      Samsung has long lost ctrl over their battery with gazillions of background services that drain the battery and cpu. It’s not as optimized as apple and HTC, not even close, but I find the extras samsung is offering as not so gimicky anymore. They need better balance tho.

  • King kobi

    I didn’t upgrade this year I held on to my note 2 it’s going to take a lot to convince me to upgrade next year thIs does look promising but then again so did the s4 and look how that turned out oh well time will tell

    • Yujiza

      If you enjoy the size of the Note 2, personally I’d say to wait for the Note 4 (PRO??).

      I say that because I did the same thing, but with the S4 from the Note 2. Besides the size of course, I instantly felt the lessened battery, and the blotchy feeling of the OS because specs barely suited the device. Albeit the S4 is an amazing phone, but the Note 2 (and now Note 3) has raised my bar a little.

    • realitycheck

      iphone 5s is much smaller and can last even longer on a smaller 1400mah battery

    • alexxx

      Yes but it’s not a personal device. It’s not a PDA it’s an iPod with terrible phone feature without auto suggest(wtf indeed) but a great camera and single speaker :-D. I’d pay $199 for iPhone 5s, at launch. That’s what it’s worth.

  • Bri

    Does this mean GS4 will not be AMOLED?
    IPS displays seems so much better than the AMOLED.
    Also, the price matters.
    I like to buy phones outright and if they cost $700-800, I have no chance of buying one.
    Samsung’s devices are relatively expensive.

    • alexxx

      You’d be better off with a super ips or similar than amoled. W/e samsung pays for display, rest assured you will always pay premium in North America, for a “premium” model. I quote that because I sell a lot of china-phones better built than samsung, but not with proven camera, cpu and other specs that samsung offers. They only used amoled because they profited from it – THEY make it. No ammnt of marketing can convince a conscious man with sight that amoled is faster and overal better. Experience matters in tech, so get an HTC.

  • Rawrrr

    What’s that weather app on that picture? I like!

  • Rich

    So the usual… more ram, more processing power (already at overkill levels for Android apps), more mega pixels (which doesn’t necessarily mean better pictures) …oh and the gimmicky fingerprint sensor.

    Don’t worry though, they haven’t forgotten to knock up the saturation on the screen a bit more so that when you take a photo on your smartphone and upload it to a PC or send it to a friend, they get the non-cartoon version of what you think you sent.

    These guys should be trying to get on pace with Nokia Lumia cameras.
    Get the voice system // battery life of the Moto X
    Shell / body of the HTC One or design of the Xperia line.

    • StevieY

      Why would they? The mini devices sell better than anything Nokia has and they aren’t close to their top sellers. I don’t want am aluminum body to sacrifice removable battery, polycarbonate works perfectly fine.

      Removing S Voice or making it suck less would be nice though I agree. But the S4 battery is better than Moto X.

    • alexxx

      That’s it. I gotta get a Nokia now to check out the cam. I’m tired of hearing this 😛

  • Pascal Bouffard

    Sold my GS3 for the Nexus 5. No thank you Samsung, I won’t come back.

    • Senk

      Same here. I wish the N5 had a bigger battery though.

    • StevieY

      Good for you. N5 isn’t selling even a tenth as well as anything Samsung has, Google needs nerds to keep Nexus devices alive because the general public won’t trust garbage LG devices.

  • power_pizza

    Specs look good, except for TouchWiz!

  • AReid

    My S4 is doing just fine. With the speed at which Samsung is shooting these phones out, I’ll wait until next year and get the S7, haha.

  • L Joel

    the look of the new touchwiz may help me stay with samsung….

  • alexxx

    I dunno, I have a feeling it’s gonna be uglier than any other galaxy. So now they wanna mimmic HTC with superior display and feel. While HTC wants to mimic samsung. While apple mimics samsung and everyone mimics apple – to replicate every nuance of success. All that said – duhh. Point is, NO ONE knows what the next big thing is, they’re waiting for our inspiration lol. 2k display? WHY IS MY 56″TV ONLY 1080P, and btw still crisp. Whatever, samsung, whatever..

  • formulaphone

    Call me negative, but I’m not holding out a lot of hope for this device. Just like Apple, they’ll make a lot of hype about it and blah blah blah.

    I’m really looking forward to what LG and Motorola are doing these days. With Moto now being owned by Google with that deep integration, and LG as kind of an Android underdog (but with excellent hardware) I think they’re more willing to fight to the top of the food chain. C’mon LG G3 😀