Photo sharing app Frontback adds timer and notifications in major update

Photo app Frontback takes a novel approach to photo sharing. With each snap, the app takes a picture of what’s in front of the camera as well as one of the photographer. It sounds silly at first, but Frontback is the perfect way to capture chill times with your friends while also maintaining your selfie game (I know. I’m 30. It was really hard to write that sentence and I had to receive double-confirmation from my younger cousins as to what it meant).

Frontback released a major update today that makes the dual-photo process easier with a hands free self-timer function. The new timer counts down, giving the app a fun photo booth feel, while giving you the time to strike Zoolander pose is appropriate for the moment. The update also comes with a new notification screen and localization for Japanese, Spanish, Chinese, and French. The localization support may actually be the most significant feature in the update, as the app is kind of blowing up in Japan as a new type of communication art form (90% of Frontback’s new users are coming from outside the U.S.).

There is certainly no limit to the number of photo apps available for iOS, but if you’re looking for something different, Frontback is worth at least a test-selfie.