With CEO Dennis Woodside out, where is Motorola Mobility headed?


  • It’s Me

    Where? To china.

    • Jonathan Schmitt

      Absolutely. But, with that being said, expect great things to come from it. Lenovo is no push over company. I have Y580 and it is by far the best computer I have ever owned! Lenovo will take the brand and market it like crazy and will keep the company going – hopefully still offering the nice features that the X and G brought to the table.

      I am excitted!

    • It’s Me

      Could be. Hopefully. But the mobile market of today is not the PC market of when the bought IBM’s PC business. They are coming into a market that is dominated by just one or two strong players that are at the top of their game. When they moved into PCs, everyone was already well into their race to the bottom.

  • Ken K.

    Keep in mind Google owns 6% of Lenovo share so hopefully the direction on Motorola will not change. Moto X and G are awesome.

  • Blas

    I would have bought the Moto X if I were with a carrier that had it.
    It was honestly the first android phone I’ve been interested in for a while now.

    Motorola is now in the capable hands of Lenovo, but I really wish they had been able to stay the course they were on.
    I kind of can’t help but feel like this may have been Google’s plan all along.