TELUS lowers cost of roaming bundles to Cuba

TELUS has announced a set of lower roaming costs to Cuba, broken down into four packages that offer an increasing number of voice minutes, texts and data from between $40 and $100.

Canadians often fly south to one of a number of warm climes in the bitter winter months — we have a contest on the go to deal with the discomfort — and want to keep connected. While it’s possible to buy a local SIM and put it in an unlocked device, many choose to go with a roaming package, and TELUS has updated its Cuba Combo passes to be on par with its other Caribbean offerings.

For example, a $40 pass gets you 50 talk minutes, 50 texts and 50MB of data; $65 gets 150 min, 150 texts and 150MB; $100 gets you 300 min, unlimited texts and 300MB of data.

In comparison, Bell lowered the prices of its own Cuba travel packages earlier this week, but they lack the combination of voice, text and data. By comparison, $45 nets you 60 voice minutes and 200 sent texts; separately, a $30 data pass allows for 50MB, while $100 affords 200MB. TELUS clearly has the value advantage here, especially at the higher-priced tiers. Bell has the pay-per-use advantage, though: TELUS customers who opt to forgo a bundle pay $2.50/minute and $10/MB, while Bell customers pay $2/min and $8/MB.

All passes are valid for 30 days from the time they’re added to the account.