Lenovo CEO: ‘our mission is to surpass’ Apple and Samsung


  • ssb

    At least pass blackberry first

    • Henry Huynh

      Funny part is that they already did… Not in the North American, but for sure on the global market.

    • Ulysses Grant

      and Windows Mobile

  • Nadefrenzy

    Good luck with that.

  • Kyouya

    Lenovo’s vision is not entirely possible. Marketing will have to play a strong role in their goal.

    • Plazmic Flame

      They’ll have to do one hell of a makeover on their Android skin if they want to go anywhere in North America…

  • Super_Deluxe

    Hopefully they bring great competition to the table atleast and give Apple and Samsung a run for their money.

  • Mugged

    I’m Pretty Sure Every Phone Company’s Mission, Wether Stated Or Not, Is To Ultimately Be #1.

    • Acer12345

      I Have Always Wondered Why People Would Type Like This, As If Their Whole Comment Is A Title.

  • Rich

    And I’d like to be the King of England

    • iphoneee’s bro

      LOL love it

    • Ulysses Grant

      More likely to happen than Lenovo surpassing Apple and Samsung.

  • Rawrrr

    Don’t under estimate the Chinese.. They always seem to have something up their sleeves. The K900 was a good example of quality and competitive price. Hope something good comes out of this!

  • Jonathan Schmitt

    I think its more then respectable. HP was always huge in the computer market, look how Lenovo has gone from there. It will be interesting to see how things work out. I for one am hopeful and would love to see how this changes the market.

  • Dizz

    I counted LG out 2 years ago. Never took them seriously when it came to Android phones. The Nexus 4 changed everything. Same could happen with Lenovo.

    • HolyFreakingCrap

      Could but wont. Wasting a few billion on Motorola is not going to change how they operate.

    • cartfan88

      Wow the CEO of Samsung commenting on mobile syrup! Awesome.

    • TP

      At least LG has been a cellphone manufacturer, and a strong player at that, for 10-15 years.

  • Henry Huynh

    Who knows, maybe with some solid hardware, sweet prices, and slightly modified stock android they can at least take a good shot at Apple’s second place.

  • Walter

    Bring the Droid RAZR MAXX battery to all your high end devices and enjoy instant success.

  • Sweet

    Quite lofty goals. I think it is possible for them to eventually become #1. Doubling their sales in two years ? Unlikely, IMO. But I wish them all the best. I’m anxious to see what they do with Moto.

  • Dylan Kuehl

    I want this to be true so hard. I look forward to seeing what Moto and Lenovo can pull off in the coming years.

  • HolyFreakingCrap

    lol lenovo

  • framing god

    Lol, they have a better chance of being number one than you do of winning the lottery.

  • WatDah

    So you’re saying that no matter how hard he works and pour all his passion into becoming the best, which is probably why he is the CEO of Lenovo, and no matter how much control of the market he currently has and will be able to gain with Motorola, it only has the same very very very slim chance as you, who has absolutely no control whatsoever over the outcome of a lottery draw, and doesn’t have to try at all in any way but just sit there and wait, other than buying the ticket?

  • Erik N.

    I’m all for being ambitious but relax on passing the 2 biggest companies in the mobile world…

    • cartfan88

      Wasn’t long ago Samsung was the no-name brand VCR people bought because they couldn’t afford a JVC. With the right ambition and leadership guess what happened?

    • Lyndon Boychuk

      Blackberry was #1 remember? Then they failed at their own game because they became stagnant, offered pretty much the same looking phone year after year and offered little to nothing in the form something fresh, new and innovative. Sounds very much like another ‘fruit phone’ company who’s expiry date has come and gone. The trick is to advertise advertise advertise, and geez….listen to the consumers and give them what they are asking for rather than trying to ‘tell’ them what they want. There may be hope for Nokia if they are still technically their own company…they could be the dominant player right now instead of Samsung if they had just opened their eyes long ago to some fresh new visionary ideas. Standing on the sidelines looking in on the big game of the century does not make you a player amongst the big boys in the league. I hope Motorola/Lenovo proves everyone wrong and kicks some big league butt!!!

  • Leo Wang

    your jokes are so funny, funny white man

  • pablow

    if Lenovo find some of the new technologies for smart devices before the rest. that I have seen ..the rest of this tech sector will have to find something else to do !

  • SuperDSpamalot

    I have no doubt Lenovo could do some damage to the wireless sector in NA. They took IBM’s “Think” lines from business only to extremely successful consumer product in less then 5 years. I’m rather looking forward to seeing what they come out with.