Lenovo CEO: ‘our mission is to surpass’ Apple and Samsung

A day after announcing a $3 billion dollar acquisition of Motorola Mobility from Google, Lenovo CEO Yuanqing Yang has made some bold claims in an interview with CNN Money. Stating an intention to sell over 100 million smartphones in 2015 (which would be more than double Motorola and Lenovo’s combined 2013 output), Yang declared that “our mission is to surpass” competitors Apple and Samsung.

Yang’s confidence stems from what he considers a perfect combination of companies. “We are very complementary to each other,” Yang told CNN Money. “Together we can win in the smartphone industry. Lenovo currently has China and emerging markets. They have the U.S., Latin America, and a little bit of the European market. We are both committed to innovation. They have very strong engineering capabilities and very good relationships with carriers.”

It’s no surprise, then, that Lenovo has had its eye on the company since 2011, and was able to negotiate a deal with Google in under two months, after CEO Larry Page made inquiries.

Yang’s CNN Money interview also reveals that despite the long-term interest, many of the details of the partnership remain undecided. While Yang stated that Lenovo will continue to leverage the Motorola brand, decisions have not been made regarding the continued manufacturing of Motorola handsets in the U.S., or whether the brand will be sold side by side Lenovo handsets in international markets.

Yang did however state an interest in competing “in the full range” handset product segments, so hopefully Motorola’s promising customizable high-end, super cheap low-end strategy will remain intact. You can read the full interview at the source link.

[via]9to5Mac[/via][source]CNN Money[/source]