WSJ: Apple planning to ‘scrap’ the iPhone 5c, launch two new iPhones this year


  • Michel El-Asmar

    Smart move…..that 5C was a awful decison by apple.

    • Delphus

      expect more of them… the awful kind I mean 🙂

    • wes

      lol. the 5C wasn’t an awful decision, but the price was. The next awful decision is the price of the iPhone Mega. lol

  • Sukdis Knaatz

    5c was a mistake, especially at the price that it was initially offered. I am not at all surprised, that it may be disappearing very soon. I am yet to see one “in the wild”, actually.

    Not too long ago, Steve Jobs was saying that a 3.5-inch screen size is the “perfect size for consumers”. I am glad to hear that Apple is finally changing their stance. Even 4 inches isn’t going to cut it for a lot of people these days. If they are going with two sizes, then they should think about making one in a more or less standard Apple size, and another one slightly bigger, for those who desire more screen real estate.

    So, let’s just say, 4.3 inches, and 5 inches. I think that these size choices would please almost anyone, who has an intention of buying an iPhone in 2014.

    • TP

      I am more interested to see how they will position and market the two models. There goes resolution issue if two different screen sizes. Are they increase the resolution for the bigger screen? If so, what about the resolution ratio that they have kept for the last several years? If same resolution, for sure the bigger screen will be lower quality. Will Apple market the one with bigger screen as a lower-level model? That kind of stuff.

    • hyperhyper

      They are going to come out with some kind of —4.8″ is the magical number that coincides with everything in nature— type of crap instead of fessing up to the fact that their ego did them and all their loyal fans a great disservice in waiting so damn long to join the modern world. Most diehards won’t admit it but Google paved the way in how to deal with multiple displays – by doing it wrong at first and then building stuff into the SDK and providing guidelines to avoid that issue.

  • Dave

    4.8″ iphone would be awesome

  • mrh192

    It doesn’t say that they are discontinuing plastic backed phones. It seems like Apple changes their product cycles every year. They will make a plastic version of the iPhone 5s? Just speculation, as the iPhone 5c was the #2 best selling device.

    • TP

      Maybe #2 best selling device among the 2 iPhones they announced last time (yes, the 5s and the 5c).

  • canucks4life

    Let’s hope that plastic is recyclable 🙂

  • Eddie Sarnecki

    Good riddance! the C should have stood for criminal.

    • bmccull

      What did it do to you?

  • B-Mac

    a 4.8 inch screen iPhone would be enticing

  • jeff

    When my iPhone 4 screen broke, I waited for the iPhone 5 to be released hoping for a truly larger screen. Didn’t happen so I switched to a galaxy s3 and have not looked back. I still like my ipad2, but now that I have moved onto a bigger screen in the Android ecosystem it will take something special from Apple to bring me back into the fold

    • wes

      I know many people who have different brands for different tech. I have a Nexus 4 and a Surface Pro. Just because I like Android, doesn’t mean I have to buy into the whole ecosystem! Choice is a good thing 😀

  • Me Ted

    I’m curious as to what they’ll charge. I mean, the 5s – as it is for the 16gb – is $720 outright. Good God.

    • wes

      Same thoughts! I’m happy that at least the other companies have already set the bar (price-wise), with the likes of S4, Z1, HTC One, etc. I wouldn’t be shocked if they sold the bigger iPhones for >850$, and if they do, I don’t know whether I’ll cry or laugh when I see people buying them.

    • Thom

      The S4 retails for 699 at the carriers. How is that different ?

    • Me Ted

      You know what? You’re right. It isn’t. I guess I’m coming from more of a Nexus background where $350 gets me something very similar. For the record I wouldn’t get the gs4 either. 🙂

  • Noah Roesler

    The iPhone 5c could have been so cool…

    • wes

      Greedy Greedy Company! I think that if the phone was sold at 400$, they would have sold many many of them, but then again that wouldn’t fit their business model.

  • Thom

    The iPhone 5C is the second most sold smartphone at AT&T and Sprint and 3rd at Verizon and T-Mobile.

    • mrh192

      Just wondering where you are getting the 3 million number from? Apple announces their earnings this Monday and will reveal the numbers then. They were rumored to sell 3 million 5c during the launch weekend ALONE. I’m curious to see what numbers will get reported on Monday.

    • mrh192

      I have no idea what the worldwide sales are – Apple will announce that on Monday. The 5c is #2 in total smartphone sales in North America monthly since the launch, as reported directly from carriers. Rankings go #1 iPhone 5s, #2 iPhone 5c and #3 Samsung Galaxy S4.

  • cartfan88

    They can call this larger screen launch “Apple welcomes you to 2011!”

  • samic2046

    The iPhone 5c was a failure because it was just a pervious year’s model in plastic case. The looks and feel was just too cheap. Plastic! Yuck!
    And that’s why one of the new iPhone this year will be last year’s iPhone in a bamboo case.

  • Mr.CoolBerry

    I’m glad Apple finally failed at something…

  • Chris Duffy

    I personally think the 5C was a decent idea … however you are all right. 4″ is just not large enough for a smartphone anymore. I have an S4 and I think it’s just a TAD too large. 4.8″ would be ideal, however you also have to keep in mind the retina display. They’re likely going to try to match Samsung and have a 2560×1440 display … which means a more obscure resolution. There’s a reason the S5 will have a 5.25″ screen … because it needs to for scaling purposes.
    My opinion, Apple needs to release a survey. Ask the people what they want to see. Look it over and go from there. Myself, I’d like a 4.7-5″ screen … seems reasonable