TELUS’ CEO, for the 5th straight year, opts to take his 2014 salary in shares rather than cash

President and CEO of Vancouver-based TELUS has once again decided to take his 2014 salary in the form of shares rather than cash. This is the 5th year in a row that Darren Entwistle has gone this route. Entwistle’s base salary in 2012 was $1.36-million, but his total compensation was upwards of $11-million.

The company is announcing its Q4 2013 results on February 13th and TELUS is now confidently the 2nd largest wireless carrier in Canada with over 7,810,000 subscribers. If newly acquired Public Mobile is added to the number then TELUS will be close to the 8 million mark.

According to the press release, “Mr. Entwistle’s decision to forego his cash salary in favour of shares demonstrates his strong confidence in TELUS’ short, medium and long-term performance, as well as his ongoing commitment to remain aligned with the interests of shareholders, including the many Canadians who count on their investment in TELUS to support their retirement income.”

TELUS’ stock is currently trading at $36.71/share, which is up around $32.42 a year ago.


Source: TELUS