BlackBerry ‘Jakarta’ rumoured to be a touchscreen-only BB10 smartphone

BlackBerry Z10

BlackBerry CEO John Chen recently announced a 5-year partnership with Foxconn to develop and manufacture new BlackBerry 10 devices. The devices built out of the Indonesia and Mexican factories will be heading to “Indonesia and other fast-growing markets targeting early 2014.”

The first BB10 device under Chen’s leadership will be the entry-level “Jakarta.” It’s known that Jakarta will be a 3G-only BlackBerry 10 smartphone headed for Indonesia in March or April. Previous rumours pointed towards this coming with a physical QWERTY, but according to a post over at BGR this will opt-out of the iconic BlackBerry keyboard design and be a touchscreen-only device.

No other details are listed, but I can’t see it stretching too far away from the pics of the now-cancelled entry-level Café and Kopi that leaked online a few months ago.

Source: BGR