BBM for iPhone and Android sees 40 million downloads in 60 days, BBM Channels hits 250,000 milestone


  • Matt

    They don’t say anything about active users… just downloads.

    • Syaz

      Actually, John Chen did say that 60% use it daily

    • kroms

      What about all the people on IOS and ANDROID that cant use it because we are having issues ? They don’t say anything about that.
      Ive stopped using it because the messages simply dont get to the other person.

  • CybilV

    They also need to come out with that stat – how many people DELETED the garbage app after installation.


    • Super_Deluxe

      Only losers bash a company in 2013 and find it fun… Just saying..

    • Bbrysucks

      You sound like a reject from a reetard factory. Why the circlejerk for bbry? Makes no sense.

    • Super_Deluxe

      I really don’t care for blackberry but I only want them to succeed for the thousands of jobs that will go up in flames if the company goes out of business. I’ve been laid off before and it’s not fun especially if you have a family to support and those EI checks don’t get you very far unless you’re only supporting yourself.

    • Bbrysucks

      The jobs that matter and the talent that used to be present has long since departed. All that is left are the old managers of managers of managers plus a skeleton crew of yes men & women. Nothing of any real value to anyone.

    • Ali F.

      someone’s mouth spilling garbage a lot

    • Sean-Paul

      ha ha ha you are funny. garbage comment from a garbage user. keep on trucking there

  • le10017

    I’m finding myself going back to Whatsapp. Really hoped that BBM would be more stable and reliable. Recently noticing that some msgs take over an hour to deliver. Not good, BB, not good at all

    • skullan

      If you’re on BBM for Android and have disabled the icon in the notification bar, then you should be blaming Android.

      Google forces companies that want their application to stay active and not be closed by Google’s process/memory management, to put the icon there.

      The side-effect, delayed messages.

      With the icon there, I have no problems receiving BBMs.

    • le10017

      You’re right. I did disable that notification and have been burned by BBM not running in the back ground. However, I’ve always ensured it’s running by open it manually after rebooting/clearing ram, yet still got late sends and receives. But just in case, i’ll turn it back on..appreciate the feedback

    • skullan

      You’re welcome. I hope it works better for you.

    • HiKsFiles

      Wrong! Blame it on BB for not implementing Google’s Cloud Messenging APIs.

    • Bbrysucks

      Correct answer. You get a cookie.

    • skullan

      I agree, they should be using it for notifications, but the code is there not to, it might be clunky or graceful, but choosing that implementation, it will need to live by the rules made by Google.

      If an application is being shutdown because the app isn’t registered to stay active, then the ownership of who is shutting down the process (and also who made the process for it to stay active) is Google’s.

      Knocking Blackberry because they chose to not use GCM is one thing. Sure, that’s design and they could have chosen better, or maybe they had concerns about GCM throttling in some way.

      Not realizing that disabling that persistent notification will cause delayed messages, when BBM indicates this in their settings, is not Blackberry’s fault.

    • skullan

      Actually, thinking about it some more, I think we might even be in the wrong mindset here.

      We’re thinking like consumers. Where Blackberry is geared towards more the Enterprise (and going back to it). Blackberry is now a BYOD software developer, where you can manage other platforms.

      Relying on a non-Blackberry infrastructure, Blackberry would be forced to deal with any potential mood swings Google may have, whether it be political or infrastructure outages.

      Yes, GCS make sense for a consumer, but for a business like Blackberry, maybe it might be just a little bit too much of a black box.

    • Bbrysucks

      Your ignorance is shining like a million watt lightbulb. Just saying.

    • gommer strike

      On the hand, messaging apps such as Whatsapp, KiK, WeChat, and others don’t require to have any kind of notification icon that’s forced to sit there, just to give the app a helping hand.

      BBM needs to, due to the way it was coded and doesn’t follow the latest Google guidelines.

  • Marc Bernard

    Exactly. I downloaded it, tried it for a few days, then uninstalled. It was junk – buggy and doesn’t provide any advantage over other apps.

    • skullan

      Advantages of BBM over other apps:

      – Encrypted messages.
      – Your contact information (phone number) isn’t passed. You might think this is a silly thing, until you’re a girl who is dating and winding up with crackpots.
      – Separation between address book contacts and BBM contacts.

      I’m not going to talk about the read receipts. They are a bonus, but someone else could consider them an invasion of privacy too.

    • Marc Bernard

      Encryption doesn’t interest me. My phone number isn’t passed by email. Separation of contacts is a huge drawback – I don’t want to maintain two (or more) address books. Just saying, BBM doesn’t provide any value to me. I thought I would miss it when I got rid of my old BB, but I didn’t miss it at all.

    • Anthony Roberts

      Hey Marc,

      Remember BBM for iOS and Android is a dumb down version of what we get on BB10. Soon you will get BBM voice and BBM Video….Location Sharing….BBM Channels……and so on

    • skullan

      I can respect your points.

      However, e-mail is just not realistic when people want instant and threaded communications (messaging).

      Your original comment was that it doesn’t have any advantages over other apps, where it clearly does. But when you phrase it as it doesn’t provide value to you, that makes sense.

      As Anthony Roberts indicates though, there will be more coming out for it which will make it more attractive, hopefully something you might find useful will be part of that.

    • thisiscjay

      And that ladies and gentlemen, articulates Skullans objective point of view vs. A subjective one. Well said

    • Bbrysucks

      So you’ve just described every other messenger of choice out there. Good one!

    • Sean-Paul

      buggy? hmmmmm time to upgrade your phone maybe.

  • skullan

    Great app. It’s the only one I choose to use.

  • WarRaven

    Being kind of late on the cross platform release killed BBMs big chance.
    Funnier to me yet, is it generated no known revenue and is all that is talked about of them by them or anyone else.
    Pretty much doomed.

  • Shaggyskunk

    BBM might want to consider giving away a free device with every download – That way they could unburden themselves, of the stock that’s just sitting in warehouses… Might even get a few people to actually use BBM

  • morgan

    I guess they have to try and write something positive for bb from time to time. Although I’d hardly call this insignificant stat anything positive. This company is just as nieve as it was 2 years ago. To even think they can turn it around still is shameful when these giant losses keep being reported. Enough already. Sell what little dignity you have left

    • skullan

      This would put their active users at roughly 84 million.

      60 Million active users pre-release.
      40 million now (but 60% of them active) = 24,000,0000

      Not really insignificant. But, by no means that largest.

  • Collin dubya

    LOL people actually still use BBM? i uninstalled that a week after i got it, nobody uses it.

    • Anaron

      You’re deluded if you actually believe that no one uses BBM. More than 60 million active monthly users would disagree with you.

  • Nik Iafrancesco

    I also downloaded this; but sent all of three messages with it. I’m surely not alone on this.