BlackBerry teases new BBM features coming soon to Android, iPhone and BlackBerry 10 (Video)


  • Neil R Mispelaar

    Awesome stuff! I especially like the time limited location sharing thing.

    One question: “As expected, BBM Voice for iPhone and Android is en route. This
    basically gives your the option to call anywhere in the world for free
    when you’re connected to WiFi.”

    On BlackBerry 10 you can make voice and video calls through cellular as well as wifi.Are the Android and iPhone versions limited to just wifi?

    • ginobili1

      I thing the timed location sharing is coming to other messengers as well. I guess the patent got copied or something, read about it yesterday. 😛
      But nice work BB, I just hope that the update comes sooner than later.

    • EllSee

      Yes, you can make both voice and video calls on cellular / wifi on BB10 device. It just uses your data allowance. Though if you have unlimited, it’s no worries.
      I dont’ recall reading naywhere that it is wifi only on Android / iPhone tho.

  • Collin dubya

    Lol people are still using this?? it tanked a week after it came out.

    • Dimitri

      Just saying show me where it tanked in a week.

      I have heard some say they don’t like it and some do. If it really tanked, they wouldn’t have 80 million active users and 10 million within the week when it got released. Also many are still downloading it.

    • thisiscjay

      20 million** 😉

    • nixxonexxo

      I’m one of those 80M users.

    • Sean-Paul

      you are very misinformed and very ignorant to the fact that you push your opinion on everyone else.
      come again when you got the proper facts

    • Anaron

      No, it didn’t. Stop spreading lies.

  • kroms

    Im really trying to use BBM but it has been less then stable on Android and so most likely i’ll just end up uninstalling as not many more of my contacts have it on there devices.
    BB really is killing the BBM name with this release.

    • bmaz

      “…but it has been less then stable on Android”, you shouldn’t make that statement because it’s false.
      It might not be stable on your version of Android, on your particular device, but it’s certainly stable for me.

    • Dimitri

      Exactly. Funny how people claim apps are unstable for everyone but in reality it could just be there device and OS version? My buddy has a LG G2, the app has some issues on that but on my Note 3 i don’t have those issues.

    • GJ

      I stopped using it myself because I felt it was unstable. Thats on a nexus 4 device running newest 4.4. I also wasnt really a fan of the huge on-screen buttons bbm has, combined with the nexus 4 on-screen buttons it was way to much wasted screen space.

    • deltatux

      For the most part no problems, only one bug that affects only this one contact (strangely enough). I’m running Android 4.4 on my Nexus 4 too. Other than this one weird bug, BBM works wonders.

    • nixxonexxo

      Agreed. I’m an active user on a Samsung Google Nexus and I haven’t encounter any problem with the app.

    • Matt

      If I switch android devices I can’t just carry my BBM over from one to the other; I always get a “server error”.

      The only way to fix it is to clear the cache and data of the app and sign back in. It’s so maddening.

    • Lamar

      no ! you just force close the app and try again. I do it all day errday!

    • Sean-Paul

      Ive had absolutely NO problems with BBM on my G2. Stop your lying

    • Mindmeld

      Nothing wrong with BBM on Android. The problem could be with your Android.

  • Riley Freeman

    Noticeably absent from that list is video chat. They need to include that ASAP

    • Korepab

      You are absolutely correct. But voice chat is way more important that video chat for now.

      Obviously they need to push out video chat afterwards.

    • Riley Freeman

      very true. just would be nice if we could get both

    • nixxonexxo

      Video chat is a most wanted feature but you have to give them time on that because it gets complex when you have so many different cameras and APIs. There needs to be standard and system requirement first.

  • peterallcdn

    It’s funny that when listing the new features, you skipped the 2 that are shown right in the pictures. Voice clips(rather than a voice call… which will be there too) and sharing a device’s location with a contact for a temporary period of time before automatically becoming private again.

  • gmaninvan

    Until they add the ability to use it on tablets and desktops with a seamless transition like hangouts I see no point in it. Single device use is the old way of doing things.

    • Bbrysucks

      They won’t change that until they’ve fully gone under. They have a mindset towards this just like they had against candybar and keyboardless phones back in 2007.

    • gmaninvan

      I think it is more technical. Whatsapp hasn’t done it either. I know Google had to do a ton of work to get that seamless transition and Apple still can’t get it to work properly with imessage.

  • jay

    Just not using it and to many messenger out there I try to use only what’s app

  • KB2755

    Smiley Poo emoticon? Sign me up.

  • morgan

    I’ve given up on it fully. Can’t support something that’s let me down so many times before and cost me money. RIP

    • Dimitri

      Cost you money? Its free on all OS’s to download and use. So please explain and show me where you have to pay for BBM exactly or your post is invalid with that.

      Let u down? Gives us a example on how it let u ” down”

    • morgan

      Your invalid

    • Dimitri

      Trolling aren’t we? Get a life.

    • morgan

      What are you a bb employee. Oh wait they all got let go. You don’t even own a bb so why do you care. I was a loyal supporter and it gave me nothing but head aches.

    • Dimitri

      Don’t own a BlackBerry? I have owner all of them and still have the 9900 bold, Q10 and Z30. Wait for someone that goes on the Internet to troll, u have no clue what u are even saying. No i am not a BB employee but i am more mature then u to come in here and troll because i am bored and nothing to do in my life.

    • morgan

      Listen to you go eh. And why do you own so many devices? To compensate for the lack of female companionship in your life im sure. Get a life and a clue. Troll on this you no life creep.

    • Dimitri

      Why does it matter why i own so many devices? I actually buy them, sell them for profit. OH wait someone like you would not even know that AS you have no clue what i do in my life. LOLi ma actually engaged but. Nice going again. Whos the troll here?

    • Anaron

      It’s “you’re”, not “your”. Get it right. Also, you haven’t answered Dimitri’s question. How did it cost you money?

    • nixxonexxo

      It cost him money because he hasn’t own a phone yet to download the app. Dimitri should do some charity and give away one of his phones. That way he wouldn’t talk garbage about Blackberry and Dimitri would be a happy person again. Problem solved.

    • Anaron

      I don’t know what you tried to say and I find it odd that you replied to a 2-month old comment.

  • Anaron

    The new features are great but what about Windows Phone 8? I didn’t intend for that to rhyme but I’m patiently waiting for a release. I just want to try it out. If it’s better than WhatsApp, then I’ll use it. The one thing I miss the most about BBM are delivery receipts.

  • HatInTheRing

    They need to increase the quality of photos shared. This is the reason I can’t live in BBM. Photos look terrible. If it’s a screen shot of a conversation you can barely read it.

    • Anthony Roberts

      Very simple solution whenever you receive a photo through its compressed….BBM does that to save on data consumption…to solve this is pretty simple when you receive the picture press and hold on the picture then you will see a menu with an option called HQ (Request high quality picture) when you do that the sender will receive an option to accept the request for the HQ quality and once you get it …VOILA you get the original quality of the picture and not the compressed version 🙂

    • Tom

      It’s a useful feature, but not an elegant solution. Most people would rather expend a few more kilobytes for better compressed quality, i.e. at Whatsapp or Viber level.

  • deltatux

    I’m much looking forward to these new BBM function. Still don’t get why they are adamant on forcing an extra “Back” button on the user interface even though Android has had them forever.

  • AmanjeetS

    It looks cool. I’m excited but i hope they don’t disappoint