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BBM for iPhone and Android now available

Looks like Frank Boulben, BlackBerry’s CMO, was somewhat right when he declared BBM for Android and iPhone would be available “within days.”

After a four-week delay, BlackBerry announced today that BBM will be available to download today. The highly-anticipated messaging service has been tested and is now stable, ready for prime time. In a blog post, BlackBerry’s Andrew Bocking stated, “In the next few hours, people will start seeing BBM in Google Play, the App Store and in select Samsung App Stores – where it will be free to download.”

To ensure there will be no issues this time, BlackBerry is enforcing a ‘simple line-up system.” BlackBerry is urging those interested in downloading BBM for either platform to ‘reserve’ a spot by registering their email via BBM.com website. Here’s how one will be able to download:

– Download BBM (easiest way is to visit BBM.com from your Android or iPhone browser)
– Once you install the app, open it, and enter your email address to hold your spot in line
– You’ll receive and email when you reach the front of the line and can start using BBM

BBM for Android will require OS 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or higher, plus BBM for the iPhone is compatible for those running iOS6 or higher. As expected, the app will operate in the same fashion as BBM on BlackBerry devices, but will be limited to messaging and groups at launch.

Update: BBM for iOS has hit the Canadian App Store. In addition, the Android version has also made its way to Google Play. There is a waiting list for new users, and it’s unclear how long it will last.

Update #2 – BlackBerry just Tweeted that “If you signed up at BBM.com you can start using BBM right away. Just download and enter the email you signed up with.”

Update #3 – 10:25pm: Wow! Looks like BBM for iPhone and BBM for Android is a popular download today. The BBM Twitter account just hinted that they’ve seen downloads top 5 million: “Next 5 million in line – your turn! Open up BBM and click “I got the email” to get started on #BBM right away!”

Source: BlackBerry