Pebble adds Do Not Disturb mode and multiple alarms in latest update

At a time when smart watches are becoming bigger, flashier and more colourful, Pebble continues to reinforce its strategy that being the best is about offering the most utility.

Pebble may be approaching its first birthday (or its second, depending on when you consider its birth), but the team is still working on making the software as full-featured as possible. After releasing version 2.0 of its SDK to developers and bringing full notification support to iOS 7 users, another minor update is offering features all Pebble users will love.

Firmware version 1.14 brings a Do Not Disturb mode for notifications, and though it does not allow for specific days, it does offer specific times every day. Previously, those who wanted to turn off notifications had to either disconnect the Pebble from their smartphone or turn it off entirely; now, it’s easy to head to the settings and tap once to activate DND, while automated DND will prevent notifications between certain hours.

Also improved in this version is the Alarms feature, which now allows for multiple times as well as saving and toggling existing alarms. When the buzzer does begin, too, firmware 1.14 offers the option to Snooze, the length of which can be customized inside the app.

Finally, the notification control is more granular, so you can specify whether you want to see all notifications, just phone calls, or no notifications. There’s a brand new menu setting entirely dedicated to notifications, too.

Firmware 1.14 also fixes a number of outstanding bugs, and makes notifications quicker and more consistent on iOS devices. With this update, Pebble is close to becoming an invaluable smartphone companion, and a pretty damn good watch on its own.

We can’t wait to see what the second-generation Pebble will look like, now that the company has a bit of money to work with.