Pebble raises $15 million as it celebrates full-duplex transfers and its one-year anniversary


  • Bojo

    Waterloo <3 All the engineers reside in Waterloo eh?

  • HeyYoWL

    Isn’t that pretty much what Waterloo is known for? Math & Science? In Ontario if you’re going for something like engineering the recommendation has always been Waterloo. Schulich at York for business, McMaster for health programs, this has always been the case, no?

    Anyways I think the idea behind these watches are fantastic, I just wish they looked less like cheap plastic toys. I can’t bring myself to spend $100 on a watch that looks like it’s worth $10.

  • sicsicpuppy

    POS period

  • asdasdsad

    Can they change the design because that’s one of the cheapest looking and ugliest pieces of hardware I’ve ever laid my eyes on. It looks like it comes out of the bottom rack of a dollar store.

  • Jorelle Miranda

    I’ll chime in as someone who actually owns a Pebble. I’ve owned it for a few months now and I feel that this is one of the best things I have ever bought in my life. I constantly don’t notice my phone going off but having the alerts come direct to my watch is a godsend. I have had people ask about it all the time and when I show them what it can do, they are all mind blown by it and ask me where they could get one. It doesn’t look cheap to me, and it is superbly more functional than a regular designer watch.

    • Jorelle’s Mom

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  • Alex Burr

    I really like my Pebble. I’ve had it over a month.

  • PreferredGeoff

    The people that are here bitching bout pebble never have seen one or used. The jet black pebble is sharp. The red no. When I first got it I was kinda just ho hum about it. After using it for a bit it’s a great product that works well at what’s it supposed to show notifications and time. It’s awesome for when you can’t have your phone out. The build quality is super good and not cheap at all. It’s totally waterproof in ocean and fresh water. Try one before you knock it. Especially since you have never seen one or touched it.

  • PreferredGeoff

    What cheap design you talking bout it. You actually ever seen one other then on a screen.