Instagram Direct comes to iPhone and Android, adds ability to privately share photos and videos

Instagram has unveiled “Instagram Direct” today. This is a similar feature to Snapchat and to what Twitter launched earlier this week by allowing users share photos and videos privately via direct messages.

It’s simple to use Instagram Direct. All you have to do is post the picture or video in the same fashion as always, but there’s now new icons that give you the option to choose “Followers” or “Direct.” To send a picture or video to an individual, or a group of people, you simply need to select their names, then press send. Taking a cue from BlackBerry’s BBM service, Instagram also shows who’s seen your photo, plus who’s liked it.

Instagram also declared that over 150 million people around the world are now using its service. The app is available on iPhone, Android and Windows Phone.

Update: Instagram 5.0 for iPhone and Android are now available. The iOS version also tweaks some of the user design, adding pull-to-refresh and a few new icons. The Android version, alas, looks identical. The Windows Phone update will be coming shortly.

Source: Instagram