Moto G discounted to $150 at Koodo Mobile


  • Matthew

    Is the phone locked to Koodo?

    • spacekobra


    • Chris Payne

      The Telus version is locked to Telus

    • Daniel Bader

      Yes, it’s locked to Koodo.


      Yes it’s locked but unlock codes can be found on eBay for under $5

  • Ken K.

    Outstanding deal. Unlock code is only $4~5 on eBay.

  • David Drahos

    I’m trying to buy a 16 GB model in the US next week but Motorola is having a hard time understanding that I want to pay with a Canadian credit card and ship to a US address.

    • TopperCNC

      It won’t work unless you have an AMEX credit card, apparently. Canadian Visa/MasterCard won’t go thru (didn’t work for me at least). I had to end up working out something with a buddy from the States.

    • David Drahos

      My order processes but I just get an email later that says my order has been cancelled. I’ve called Motorola 3 times and they seemed to think the problem was with their website, not my credit card. They’re supposed to have reversed the cancellation of my order but they haven’t gotten back to me.

      The irony of it all is that I’m with Koodo but I just need more space if this phone’s going to be any good for traveling where I need some music on my phone.

    • TopperCNC

      The phone is excellent, no worries there. I have the 8GB with me right now, and yes, 8GB is insufficient (the whole reason I’m buying the 16GB).

      It’s been said on many forums that people had all sorts of problems with CC’s not being accepted at all (my case) and/or orders being cancelled afterwards (seems to be your case). One way or the other though, we can’t get our phone “the traditional way”. Thankfully, I know someone in the States, so I should have it soon after the Dec 9th shipping date.

    • Matt

      The problem IS with their website, i.e. they’ve engineered it so that Canadians cannot purchase the Moto G directly from them. I imagine Telus/Koodo has an exclusive contract here.

    • vn33

      Would using a proxy, then get it from the US website (with US IP from proxy) work ? Just wondering … Look for “Tunlr”

    • David Drahos

      Keep bugging them. Its been 48 hours since they said they would sort it out.

    • David Drahos

      I’m on hold with Motorola right now, its been 48 hours. My third order I thought had gotten through due to a 3 hour delay before the cancellation.

      I’m really clueless on what to ask them to do, like I just want a straight answer.

    • hnnbvncvn

      most companies wont send purchases to anywhere other than the address on the card.

  • RandomHero

    The Mobileshop at Loblaws stores is also offering $75 in PC Gift cards with new activations on these today.

  • Lukas Drives

    Is it still possible to buy JUST the phone??? I don’t want the damn plan.

    • Matt

      Along that vein, what constitutes a “plan”? Can this not be cancelled at any time?

    • Lukas Drives

      hmm, good point, but do you have to give the phone back if you cancel the plan?

    • silver_arrow

      Nope you just pay off the phone and you’re home free.

    • JP

      They’ll sell it to you for $200 on pre-paid, if you buy and cancel but keep the phone, they’re going to bill you out a month so you’re really not winning too much and it’s a lot more work to maybe save $10-$15(they pro-rate the first month too so it won’t be just 30 days).

    • Shushwap

      $150 online… No need to sign up for a monthly plan

    • JP

      This comes up every time Koodo puts a phone on sale for cheap, the online store will not let you cash out without a plan. The pre-paid side will but it’s $200 there.

    • Shushwap

      Have a look over at RFD… Many people have been able to order online for $150

    • Andrew

      Yes it will. I just did it.

    • bpladirector

      To get the $50 gift you do need a tab right? Does that mean a full tab or any amount?

    • Andrew

      I believe you just need to be using their service 6-9 weeks after you get the phone, so you should be able to buy the phone outright.

    • In10City

      The online store does let you cash out. When processing; if it forces you to select a plan, select one. Then go to your cart with the plan and device in it and remove the plan. Then when you get to the part where it asks you if you are a “new user” or an “existing customer” observe the text box directly under those two options. it talks about ordering an “accessory or gift” use that option to go directly to payment/shipping. This is the second phone i have ordered this way.

      Enjoy your new device 🙂 $169 with free shipping makes it a great phone for non-power users. If only it worked on WInd i would order myself one as a spare.

  • Apocalypso

    This news just made it an even more palatable option as a possible Christmas gift to my wife who is a non – power user.

  • Damon Rose

    Still not worth buying an 8GB phone, even at $150, I want 16GB!!!

    • StormMagnus

      You are not looking at the fact you cannot get a 720p, quad core 1.2Ghz phone with any other manufacturer or OS for under $200. The 50GB google drive space for 2 years makes up for onboard storage.

    • Damon Rose

      I don’t think so. I can use whatever cloud storage service I want, but only having about 5GB to play with, non expandable storage without internet/data access is too little. The extra storage is nice and all, but when you want room for music and apps on your phone its very limiting

  • Bri

    Yea I’m really looking forward to see the aws model..

  • sickens

    8GB Phone that comes with an additional 50GB of Google Drive space for two years… Makes this deal pretty solid.

  • ndondo

    does anyone know if koodo version is AWS capable or not?

    • Sequoia46.2

      Nope 🙁

  • bpladirector

    If you buy this phone with $15 or something greater than $0 on the tab do you still get the $50 gift card?

  • Scazza

    To order from Koodo without a plan, go to their site, find the MotoG. On the phones page, slide the slider for the tab so that $150 appears, THEN hit add to cart. This way you will see Plan becomes optional and the sim becomes $0. Hit confirm and BAM, 168.9$ well spent on a nice damn phone.

    • darrel44

      @David Drahos,, Why don’t you just fall onto your knees and let them give it to you right where you want it,,fagg…

    • Scazza

      I’m not sure you understand how the reply system works…

    • darrel44

      ok,,whatever,sorry,,.I didn;t mean to hurt your feelings.Still to save yourself some aggravation,phone isn;t worth it IMHO,,camera is absolutely terrible, and there is little storage-(5gb)- for your music,videos and photos, not a very smart-phone in my opinion…

    • Scazza

      No phone under 300 bucks has similar specs, you also get 50gigs online storage, many 600$ phones have a worse screen,,, This phone isn’t for people looking for high end, but what you get is high end specs for very low budget price.

    • albert kao

      I can order from Koodo without a plan, then go to ebay to get a code to unlock it and use it on any carrier, right?

    • Scazza

      Thats what I did, only didnt use Ebay for the code.

    • albert kao

      How do you get the unlock code?

    • Scazza

      bought it from a site, google them, there are a few. Not sure you can post links here.

  • Gabby Ander

    Just got mine tonight!

  • Ashish Diwakar

    locked -_- koodo

    • Joel Greenwood

      That’s what the girl said at Koodo – and now I know she wasn’t lying. Thanks.

    • Tehal Sidhu

      will this kuddo moto g work with mobilicity or wind mobile..

  • customer

    can we buy this from Koodo without any plan and unlock it and use it with Wind?

  • Jamma45789

    Well as of Dec. 2/13 under the new CRTC rules if you buy a phone outright it should be unlocked immediately by the carrier.

  • Tehal Sidhu

    Will this kudoo moto g phone work with wind mobille canada?