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Sobeys launches iOS and Android app, dubbed as your ‘Personal shopping companion’

Following Metro and Loblaws (PC Plus), Sobeys has come to market with their mobile app.

Similar to the others, the Sobeys app is your “personal shopping companion” that allows you to discover ‘must try’ products, find new recipes, locate stores, and create your shopping list. In addition, their flyer is built into the app for you to have quick access to the latest deals, plus the “Club Sobeys” rewards program is embedded into the app experience and allows “customers in Ontario and the western provinces” to earn points based on the items they purchase.

If Sobey’s is your chosen grocery store, then you’ll be able to download the app from iTunes or Google Play. No word on if/when the app will be coming to BlackBerry or Windows Phone 8 users.

Source: iTunes & Google Play