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Images of BlackBerry’s upcoming C-Series BB10 device found within leaked OS help files

Back in September when BlackBerry announced plans to shed thousands of employees, they also declared that new hardware was in the works. The press release stated that they will “refocus on enterprise and prosumer market, offering end-to-end solutions, including hardware, software and services… Future smartphone portfolio will transition from 6 devices to 4; focusing on enterprise and prosumer-centric devices, including 2 high-end devices and 2 entry-level devices.”

These four unknown devices will be all-touch and QWERTY models. Over the past few months a “C-Series” smartphone has surfaced online, reportedly with the internal code-name being “Cafe.” Pictures appeared online of an entry-level BB10 device called the Americano – an all-touch device that had similar design lines to the Z10 and Q5, but with reduced specs, including a rumoured 4.2-inch 720p display.


This device could come to market sooner than later. Apparently within the help files of the latest OS 10.2.1 leak are a few images of the Americano, showing a removable battery, SIM slot and backing like the Z10, but curved.

There’s still no official word from BlackBerry on this release, it’s go-to-market name, or if it’s coming to Canada.

Source: CrackBerry
Via: N4BB