Apple updates iBooks and iTunes U with new iOS 7-friendly designs

Over the past few weeks, Apple has been been systematically removing the textures and leather accents from its various first-party apps. While many preinstalled apps, like Calendar, Notes, Reminders, Weather, Clock, and Stocks were given iOS 7-friendly design refreshes, many others, like the iWork and iLife suites, took much longer to rework.

Now, the remaining vestiges are seeing improvements, including iBooks and iTunes U. Both apps have been cleaned up and simplified, with little interface to distract from the content. Icons have been replaced by text to denote links to the Store and Library, and the menus to alter text size, fonts and brightness have been slightly reworked.

iTunes U, the book and audio database for free educational content, has also received a similar redesign, and better fits in with the iOS 7 aesthetic.

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