Fitbit announces next-gen Force bracelet, coming to Canada in November

Fitbit has announced the second generation of its wearable fitness band, dubbed the Fitbit Force, and it is coming to Canada in November according to pre-order listings.

The $129.99 band is worn like a watch, and at its most basic level counts one’s steps and measures his or her sleep. Force is an improvement over the Flex, Fitbit’s $99 band, by offering information via a small, low-power OLED screen; Fitbit Flex instead denotes daily step counts through five LEDs, a single but ultimately limited medium.

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Fitbit Force uses that OLED display to show the time, and can even step in for a smart watch in a couple ways: iPhone users can even be notified of incoming calls. It also displays floors climbed, calories burned, distance travelled, along with an alarm indicator to get you moving in the morning.

Unfortunately, Force uses a proprietary charging cable that’s different to the Flex, making it inconvenient to bring around with you. And while Fitbit claims battery life is 7-10 days, an improvement over the 3-5 day uptime of the Flex, its Bluetooth syncing is limited to only a few Android devices at the moment.

Fitbit began offering its products, including the Flex, One and Zip trackers, along with its Aria WiFi scale, in Canada earlier this year.

Fitbit Force is up for pre-order now for $129.99, with an estimated delivery date of November 19th. It comes in two colours: black and slate.

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