Rogers says the wireless outage was caused by ‘an unprecedented surge in our signaling traffic’

It’s well known that Rogers had a wireless network outage yesterday. We covered it here, plus Rogers quickly came forward and decided to credit 1-day of service to all postpaid customers. The carrier is also looking into the possibility of crediting its prepaid users, too.

Rogers has fully restored the service, but they also noted that they were investigating “the root cause of the issue to help ensure it doesn’t happen again.” Here’s the official statement from Rogers that caused the downtime:

“We experienced an unprecedented surge in our signalling traffic and this temporarily overloaded our mobile switches which didn’t properly manage the spike creating a service disruption. We worked diligently with our outside suppliers who developed a software fix, to change how the switches manage a signalling surge, and to prevent the issue from happening again.”

Whether that surge was caused by an influx of calls or texts — remember, the data portion of the network stayed up throughout the outage — is not yet known, but we’ve reached out to Rogers for further explanation.