Just-Eat.ca releases Android app to bring food delivery to smartphone-addicted Canadians

The idea of ordering food from your smartphone is not new, but Just-Eat.ca wants to move beyond easy and make it enjoyable, too.

In August, we covered the company’s expansion into the smartphone world with an iOS app, and now the company is back with an Android version. At 15,000 downloads, the iOS app’s success paves the way for Android to double its user base. The company soon expects 45% of all orders to be from mobile devices.

The interface is sparse but accessible: enter a postal code to find Just-Eat.ca partner eateries within delivery distance, which can be filtered by cuisine, rating or name. Adding menu items dynamically changes the cart, which is permanently placed in the top right corner. The design takes on elements of Google’s holo guidelines, with a grey, yellow and white colour scheme. It feels native, and certainly works better than an HTML5-based mobile site despite its simplicity.

Customers can re-order the same meals in the app’s history panel, too, and receive delivery time approximations once orders. Coupons and specials are also available directly from within the app.

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