Estimate: Rogers 1-day of service credit for outage totals $17,946,000, or $2.25 per customer


  • RandomHero

    Downtime for communication services is never acceptable, but love or hate Rogers, this was the right thing to do (and realistic for those expecting a full month for free).

    • TomsDisqusted

      Remember a while ago when they had the data outage that affected both wireless and wireline (I think the explanation was that it was a DNS server problem). Did they give refunds then? I don’t think so but I’m not sure. Hopefully they will learn something about not having single critical points of failure. Allowing a DNS problem take out all data services across wireless and wired was bad planning.

    • RandomHero

      Agreed. A nationwide mobile network shouldn’t just go down like it did yesterday with no clear reason. Perhaps Rogers should stop dumping money into LTE services, and invest in a more “reliable” network.

    • Balls O’Steele

      $2.25 means nothing when people could have died because they couldn’t call 911. Shame on Rogers.

    • RQAries

      That money is like tossing a fish to a seal. Last year I left Rogers for Bell (Not that they are any better) but I just had enough of yelling at Rogers to get what they are SUPPOSED to give me.

    • thomas nguyen

      could have died is one thing, if someone out there is not smart enough to find other alternatives, landline, other people on different network. Also, Could have died is very different than HAD died because of this outage.

      yes, lets all take a look at this type of issue, and see what COULD have happened.

      i’m not trying to be cynical, but 10 years ago, when there was an emergency, and we had no cell phones, we found a solution or a way to identify it, now we are too reliant on the cellphones. yes there is always a person out there that wont have a landline, and noone around to lend a phone, but im sure there are always people around them that will help them in most cases.

    • Eluder

      Agreed, other option, though I’m not sure it would work, is pulling out your sim from your phone. Emergency numbers like this work, and you might be able to call out on Bellus…

    • thomas nguyen

      yes it would work, though in the heat of the moment, and i think with the current knowledge of cellular network by the masses, this might not have been widely used.

      Plus i think if you were in an emergency situation where someone could have died, taking the sim out when your phone still showed “rogers” to make an emergency call is the last thing you would think of.

      but there is nothing that a simple “i need help” to the people that is passing by or flagging a car cant fix.

    • HeyYoWL

      The ironic thing here though is as we move more towards smart phones, often times the SIM card is next to impossible to remove without some sort of tool to do so.

    • thomas nguyen

      hehe, only if you have an apple device, i think all other devices has an easy way of removing the sim.

    • icy_virtuoso6

      any phone that doesnt have a removable back requires a tool to remove the sim card. that is a lot more than apple devices these days as nokia, htc, the Nexus 4, etc.

    • HeyYoWL

      Exactly. I have a Nexus 4 for example and I wouldn’t be able to do it.

    • Tom

      Aren’t 911 calls designed to work without the mobile network? Sure, if you’re in the middle of the mountains or anywhere where telecoms are guaranteed not to work, then 911 probably isn’t going to work, but in a major city, you should be able to make 911 calls without even having a SIM card in your phone.

      Try taking out your SIM card. Notice that your phone says “emergency calls only”. Obviously, it should be able to connect to any mobile network it detects for 911 calls.

    • thomas nguyen

      yes only when you have no service. In this case, the phone still had connection to the Rogers network, its that the network didnt let any voice, or sms data to be transmitted.

      To the phone though, it has a connection so it wouldn’t try to hop on another network.

    • JTon

      Good point. With the proper know-how, you can force your phone to roam on another network. Turning your data off would probably be the easiest way. Or manually scanning for networks and picking another. But yeahh.. most people wouldn’t know how to

    • iPlunks

      Who died? Isnt 911 routed differently? even without a sim in the phone?

    • thomas nguyen

      no one died, I think people were up in arms that “someone COULD have died”

      its routed differently and as a backup when you have no service, in this case, the phone still maintained a connection with the Rogers service, but Rogers is blocking or not accepting calls or text to go through. but the phone is stupid so it sees you have a connection, and doesnt route it to the other carriers.

      the phone shows “rogers” during the outage, not “sos” or “no service”

    • balls o malley

      You aren’t very intelligent if you think people would have died because they couldn’t get through to 911…

      You can dial 911 even if the service provider is down.

      if you actually looked at your phone the outage, you would have see the telephone symbol and exclamation mark was located where the service normally is.. this symbol means emergency calls only which connects directly to your local emergency service provider.. phones will ping off other providers for emergency calls… its a requirement from the government

    • JTon

      Oh let it go. You could still make emergency calls on there other networks.

    • thomas nguyen

      you should know it happens everywhere, realistic expectation is the key.

      should a service ever be down? NO. But we are all humans, and technology is never perfect. Part of that technology is mitigation and break fix, and to that, we have to give them credit for getting it up as soon as they did. it may not be the most glamorous of time when you have no service, but that is life.
      Your car will break down, your computer will restart, your power will be out in your home, all this should not happen, but it does. So come to expect it and have a backup plan.

    • Netguru

      I agree. The gold standard for telecommunications has long been known as “five 9s”…99.999% availability per year, which translates to just over 5 minutes of downtime per year. They clearly exceeded that yesterday. Rogers needs to see where their system failed and their failover/backup systems didn’t kick in as they should have.

    • thomas nguyen

      but when was the last time they actually had an outage, there should be some rollover for years without outages 😀

    • Samuel Gomez Recuero

      My concern here is far larger that lost of cellular connection. It seems that it was a huge problem as even their website was down during the outage. I expected the webserver and cellular network not to be directly connected, so the fail on one should not impact the other in its entirety as it did yesterday.

    • Netguru

      You raise a good point.

    • Al Chui

      Website wasn’t “down” per se… More like it was being slammed by the number of users trying to find out WTF was happening with their cell service.

    • Tom

      Agreed – and Rogers is actually being better than most companies regarding this – especially when you consider that the downtime didn’t even last 10 hours. The last time the power or the internet or the cable TV or Xbox Live went out for just a few hours, I never got a penny in compensation for the downtime. There was one time Microsoft compensated users for Xbox Live going down – but that was only because it was a 2 week outage.

    • Vlad Sokalsky

      … Agreed !

      I started pricing down satellite phone

  • iphoneee’s bro

    LOLL. Damn they can afford that if Nadir decides to take $1 this year or forgo his retirement package.


      When Steve Jobs took a $1 salary, he became a billionaire… you really want Nadir to be a millionaire?

      – posting from my iphone 5s gold 64gb in the washroom.

  • brent

    I’ve been with Wind for a year and a half and have NEVER experienced a Voice outage! What a joke rogers is! They may have to change their slogan of “Canada’s Reliable Network” now… How the hell does a voice outage even happen in the year 2013?

    • Stantheman

      yep, sh** happens in the wireless world… every big carrier with 5million + customers has had an outage… Just wait when WIND has more customers and we will see who is laughing 😉

    • thomas nguyen

      you’ve been with Wind for a year and a half, some clients has been on Rogers for over 5 years without a major service affecting outage. In the end, it doesn’t matter how long you are with a company or service, there will always be a time when a service affecting issue will arise.
      What you should look at is the time it takes to fix it, and nationwide issue fixed in 6 hours is very good. Most SLA (service level agreement) is usually high priority fix within 8 hours or less.

    • brent

      The SLA for this type of issue should NEVER be 8hrs! When I worked for IBM our high priority customers had a 2hr OS (on site) SLA and a 4hr Fix SLA ..

    • thomas nguyen

      So total was 6 hours, which i think in this case, Rogers had completed the fix in the appropriate amount of time?
      regardless, i think the fix was done within a reasonable level.

    • thomas nguyen

      You are also right, it all depends on the company and network, so SLA can be different, but i still support that they had mitigated the issue within 4 hours, with notification to the clients, and a full fix in 6 hours (reported to have slow data and some traffic by the 4th hour of the outage)

    • Balls O’Steele

      Never in my lifetime has my Bell landline not been working when I needed it.

    • Balls O’Steele

      No excuses. Bell is obviously better than rogers.

    • Cam C

      With the experience I’ve had have over time I have to disagree. /stalemate.

    • thomas nguyen

      landline is significantly different than wireless. its all cables and fibre which unless is cut, will have no impact to the end user. wireless has variables that will affect anyone and everyone from service. including tower issues that transmit the radio waves.

    • brent

      Yes we all understand that, but this was an outage across the entire country, not like it was an issue with a few towers. The fact that the network is not more redundant is unacceptable. Just like all the DNS server issues Rogers has had.. It boils down to poor network design and being CHEAP!!

    • thomas nguyen

      how would you know they were being cheap? not trying to defend Rogers, but until we get more details, we can’t point fingers and saying that it is poor network design, let alone being cheap, we need to know what truly happened.
      take an example of the Government last year, and the outage they had because the shaw building had a minor explosion affecting all their servers. our government services is nowhere considered cheap, yet it happens.
      same with Sony or Microsoft, or any other major company, every one of them has issues.
      not going to argue the fact it may be a result of poor network design, but lets also not look at rolling out a national network is simple. There are many many point of failures, and eventually, everything comes down to a singularity where there is a handful of resources that handles the bulk of the work.

    • iPlunks

      Wind customer laughing at Rogers customers for the down service, Rogers customer are laughing at Wind customers because they have no coverage

  • Sidney

    They can afford it. It’s “fair for Canada”.

    • iphoneee’s bro

      Fair for Canada is one month credit.

    • Rawrrr

      One month credit for not even a full day outage? Let’s be a little more realistic here.. for them to credit us back is already a damn miracle.. lol

    • Bill Creton

      One month for a 6 hour outage? How about asking for a free phone?

  • Rory

    Rogers is all like doesn’t matter, still made $2 billion profit

  • FunkyMonkey

    no point in wasting money on prepaids, i would imagine a good half of them are inactive idle accounts just to hold the number

    • Nicolas @ Rogers

      Hi, just to let you know that we will proactively credit one day of service to prepaid customers as well.

  • Surveillance

    Share price barely twitched today. Goes to show you $17 mill is a drop in the bucket for these guys.

    • thomas nguyen

      share prices are evaluated by more than just revenue lost in a single day. To alot of analyst, this is just another operational lost, and not a lost of customer. IF people leave Rogers because of this, than share prices will definitely drop as a result, but only if enough people leave due to this event.

      plus analyst think this is a good move as it is quelling the masses and giving them something back, even though it cost money, they are retaining clients as a result.

  • Anonymous501

    I use Virgin Mobile which is on a different network so I really didn’t experience the problem (except for watching people on Rogers be frustrated).

    It’s been in my experience that technology does fail from time to time. Even the stock exchanges have a failure from time time. I’ve never met a technology that was 100% fullproof.

    That being said I understand how it sucks. Most people (including myself) have been in the process of ditching landlines for the past few years. It means that Cell Phones have become the primary mode of communication. If that goes down, it gets really frustrating.

    In the long run you’ll probably survive without cell coverage for a day, but it’s definitely frustrating.

    To loose your noodle because technology failed for a half a day in the span of a year or two….. meh.. it happens… I would expect Rogers to make sure whatever caused it doesn’t happen again. Learn from your mistakes and make the system better. If the same mistake happens twice then I would be more concerned.

    • thomas nguyen

      Yes, just look at Blackberry in their hayday, they had BBM outages almost once a year. People need to live with the consequences of having a purely wireless lifestyle, and understand and have backup plans in the case they do lose service for an extended amount of time.

  • matthewcouto

    What is not being reported is the $3 administrative fee associated with these refunds.

    • iphoneee’s bro

      love it.

    • jive fool

      I think that the admin fee is $2.26, so they will send you a penny. Oh waaaaaaaaait… Maybe they will round it up to 5 cents.

  • skinnypig

    No worries here, Robbers will just introduce a service-outage-recovery-fee later to make up for the loss

  • Jonavin

    They never do these automatic credits when they have cable internet outages. It’s not worth it for the average person to call in for a $2 credit.

    • thomas nguyen

      Cable internet isn’t considered a necessity for people, internet goes off? oh you can’t watch your P0rn, phone goes out, and people are affected.

    • Carl Hall

      cable is a necessity if your home phone is based on VOIP

  • Vlad Sokalsky

    Rogers – by my estimation you owe me $20 credit !

    • thomas nguyen

      yes, your time is worth more than what the cost of the actual service is, why not ask for a month credit for this service delay? Wait why stop there, you probably lost a lot of money for a 6 hour outage for voice and sms, maybe you own a small business that makes thousands a day. Lets compensate you by giving you a whole year of service.

    • Vlad Sokalsky

      …Thomas – kinda crossed the line after a “Free Month”

      But, yeah , you brought some valid points there 🙂

    • thomas nguyen

      just wanted to bring some sarcastic humor in it, didnt mean to offend.

    • Vlad Sokalsky

      I know 🙂

    • Bill Creton

      If you have a $600 rate plan, perhaps you should be looking into changing it.

    • Vlad Sokalsky

      or i could also have 7 phones in the family


    that’s $2.25 i can spend at the rippers!

  • Samuel Gomez Recuero

    No need to include the prepaid on the credit as they pay as they go, no service=no use so whatever minutes they bought are still good once the service came back.

    • Nicolas @ Rogers

      Hi Samuel, wireless prepaid customers will be included as well. We’ll also proactively credit their account for a day of service.

  • one5

    Great News.It should have been ten times that.

  • abc123

    Breaking news:

    Rogers has announced an increase of “Canada’s fastest and most reliable network” commercials.

  • Shūji Kiritani

    nothing for Chat-R customers?

    • Nicolas @ Rogers

      Hi Shūji, chatr’s prepaid customers will also receive a proactive credit for a day of service.

  • Nitin Gaba

    Just announced that same will happen for prepaid customers as well, also this applies to Chatr as well not just Rogers and Fido.

    • Nicolas @ Rogers

      You beat me to the punch. Thanks for sharing!

  • Allan

    How and when does the credit for prepaid customers get applied?

    • Nicolas @ Rogers

      Hi Allan, since it’s a different system, we’ll share all the details shortly with prepaid users.

  • AlexanderLong

    Wow, I just notice the outrage happened, I barely use voce or txt, data is the only thing i use on my phone.