Nokia Lumia 1520 leaks online, gets compared to a Sony Xperia Z


  • John David Douglas Marshall

    I’d be pretty severely tempted to drop my HTC 8X for this if I knew what carrier it was coming on.

    • dandoozled

      I was thinking the exact same thing.

      C’mon Bell, stop being afraid of Nokia!

    • Keegan

      Its not that, I think. I have an unlocked L920 on bell and the LTE bands aren’t compatible. Although my 920 is capable, and Bell has an LTE network, the bands don’t match up and I’m stuck on HPSA and HSPA+ which cap out at 42 Mb/s on the latter.

    • dandoozled

      what carrier was the 920 originally locked to, or did you purchase it directly from Nokia?

      if it’s a grey market phone that was originally destined for Europe, Asia, or the middle east, or even T-Mobile or Verizon it may not have the proper bands.

      If it was Rogers or ATT you should be good to go.

    • Marc Roussel

      If Bell doesn’t take this phone I swear I quit them for another carrier

  • pdexter

    You forgot to mention the important part. There’s MicroSD slot.
    Its on the side and shown on the setting picture.

  • pdexter

    You forgot to mention the important part. There’s MicroSD slot.
    Its on the side and shown on the setting picture.

  • Rich

    The phones are fine… just not the OS (for most of us at least).

    • mwahahahaha

      I know eh? Slap some DOS on that baby and they can just take my money

    • Toron James

      Please explain yourself what is wrong with the OS?. It has a higher consumer satisfaction rate than either Android and iOS.

      One could even say that Android since ICS 4.0 and especially iOS 7 has been heavily influenced by Windows Phone flat, clean , minimalistic UI design language. It sounds to me like you are a hater .

      Go to youtube look up comparison videos between, Android VS WP, do the same iOS vs WP or Lumia 1020 vs GS4, Lumia 1020 vs HTC one, Lumia 1020 vs Iphone or even iOS7 vs WP8. See them in action, visual evidence speaks louder than biased opinions.

    • Socius

      You don’t need to, but I’d be curious to know what features you don’t like. It has a pretty good ui. Marketplace is limited at the moment. Certain apps missing. The WinMo7 phone I had before came with a registry editor in the engineering menu (BIG plus).

      The ui is the smoothest of all devices. It did need a lot of refinement as WinMo7 felt like a pre-release candidate than a retail product. But with Windows 8.1 around the corner, it looks to be able to compete fairly well with ios and android. That’s why someone like me would be curious about which aspects of the OS you dislike. Not because you’re wrong to dislike it. But because its interesting to see what people look for and try to avoid.

    • Harry Saxon

      – Proper File browsing
      – VPN support
      – PGP support
      – Browser support and by proxy browser sync, and more extensive sharing options. IE just doesnt cut it a lot of the time.

      – notification center, and per app notification ability
      – LED notification lights that do more than signal low battery
      – A task manager so you can kill apps that crash instead of having to wait and see if the os sorts it out, or you need to reboot the phone
      – a simple x to close apps in multitask window
      -lock orientation
      -live tiles have the ability to have groups of then, or a folder like system

      these are just a few of them. The vpn, is a deal breaker off the top as you can’t use it as a business device abroad without this feature, which makes no sense considering how enterprise focused msft is as a company. All these “check the satisfaction” numbers are moot. If my sample size is 1, and i like webOS, i can say, well webOS satisfaction is 100%. Nokia makes amazing hardware, n900 is still one of my favourite devices of all time. But the OS is incomplete, via features, and the app ecosystem is still lagging behind.

      I ve used several windows devices, from first gen with samsung, to the latest lumia, and as a daily driver, i can’t drop it for android. It does have a super smooth ui, and the hardware is amazing, but functionally not there yet.

  • andy c

    About time

  • Alex

    Dude, that is the Z1 not the Z, just look at the side frame of the phone

  • Dize Odisu

    Hope its got an SD slot…

  • nathanlee350

    If the Xperia Z1 has 2G Network GSM 850/900/1800/1900 and 3G networks HSPDA 850/900/1700/1900/2100, will it work on Wind?

  • Gary Evans

    Nokia Lumia 1520… YES!!!!!

  • mapper99

    Ya, it’s starting to look like a pc – damn that thing is big!

  • Raj Singh

    It looks pretty nice. I like its dimensions.

  • Socius

    My god….if the battery life on this is decent, and it’s guaranteed to be 100% compatible with the pending windows 8.1 update, I will grab it in a heartbeat…

    I’ve been waiting for a good windows phone to come out. Tired of the small screen on iPhone (I’ve owned every single one). And hate android fanboyism and fragmentation (owned galaxy nexus).

    Haven’t been this excited about a phone in a long time.

    • Keegan

      I haven’t even gotten Amber dude.

  • Shayhuney

    And I disagree. Saying you have good reasons and unable to state any. 1 makes me wonder and 2 shows how little you actually know about the os. I find most android users have no idea. I have used all the os’s I have used cell phones from the beginning. Funny thing is windows did all this long before android. They are the original smartphone. Android and its lack of security and growing malware. The argument that windows lacks apps is a farce. It has most of them, missing very few. at almost 200,000 apps. That is a weak argument. The fact is windows is fast. and just a better running phone. I can’t customize like a android, but then windows works. it always works. Android reboot reboot reboot.. In todays world any smartphone rocks. But sorry Windows actually rocks more.