TELUS introduces a new NFC-enabled SIM, will be ‘used for mobile banking services’

Paying for various items via your mobile device has had a slow uptake in Canada. Rogers and CIBC were first to market to offer Canadians the option to easily pay for small ticket items via the suretap/CIBC mobile banking app, but it looks like TELUS might be up next.

According to an internal doc we received it states that TELUS will be launching a new NFC (Near Field Communication) enabled SIM card that ‘will allow for the over-the-air installation and storage of payment credentials used for mobile banking services.’ This new SIM will be available on October 10th, currently compatible with the BlackBerry Bold 9900 and Samsung Galaxy S3, costs $15 and will work on TELUS’ LTE and HSPA+ network.

Making payments will work in a similar fashion as how Rogers and CIBC operates. Customers will have to have a ‘credit card with an eligible financial institution’ and download the mobile banking app. The doc also notes the possibility of several banking partners by stating ‘Additional details on eligible banks will be made available upon service launch.’

Update: This new SIM card is now available to purchase through TELUS, both in-store and online. TELUS confirms that the “new SIM is mandatory and required for use with TELUS’ mobile payment service” and that “the NFC SIM allows storage of secure credentials required to use mobile payment services.”

Unfortunately, the finer details of using the ‘TELUS’ mobile payment service’ is still unknown – like official launch date, banking partners, etc.

(Thanks tipster!)