TELUS unveils WISE to keep kids safe on the web and parents informed

TELUS has launched a great new initiative for parents and their kids called WISE, which stands for Wise Internet and Smartphone Education.

Through a series of partnerships with high-profile anti-bullying and internet security firms Bullying.org and MediaSmarts, along with a web portal for kids and adults aimed at educating both age groups on how to best protect themselves on the web, TELUS hopes to make more constructive and safer users of the internet.

For parents, WISE offers in-store and online seminars on web security, including common preventative measures against phishing and identity theft, as well as how to best educate kids on using web-based resources. WISE Footprint is for kids aged 8-18 which offers age-appropriate content meant to educate while having fun.

One of the major areas of interest for TELUS is to prevent cyberbullying for school-age kids, and is incentivizing the WISE program for that age group by allowing them to earn money for completing interactive challenges.

To learn more, head to TELUS Wise.