Samsung’s Galaxy Gear commercials: ‘After all these years it’s finally real’ (Video)

Samsung released the Galaxy Gear smart watch in Canada on Friday. This has several functions, namely the ability to see your messages, check the time, weather, play music, access your contacts and download apps. Currently the Gear is limited to the Galaxy devices running OS 4.3 – like the Note 3 and Tab 10.1 (2013) – but more devices are going to be made available with a future software update.

Samsung has come out with a couple commercials to promote the Gear and claim they’ve finally brought forward the tech that everyone’s been waiting for. Popular TV shows like Dick Tracy, Star Trek, The Jetsons, Knight Rider, The Flintstones, Babylon 5 and Might Morphin’ Power Rangers are all highlighted – ‘After all these years it’s finally real.’


Source: YouTube
Via: TechCrunch