Rogers pricing for the Note 3, Lumia 1020 and Galaxy S4 mini

Most Canadian carriers will release a new set of Galaxy family of devices this week – those being the Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy S II mini and the Galaxy S4 mini. We’ve posted information about these coming to other carriers, but can confirm Rogers pricing. In addition, for those wanting the Nokia Lumia 1020 this Windows Phone 8 41MP beast will arrive on October 3rd.

Samsung Galaxy S III mini: $0 and a 2-year (voice only) or $300 outright
Samsung Galaxy S4 mini: $149.99 on 2-year (voice and data plan) or $500 outright
Samsung Galaxy Note 3: $249.99 on a 2-year or $750 outright
Nokia Lumia 1020: $199.99 on a 2-year or $725 outright

(Thanks tipsters!)