iGrann is a native Instagram client coming to BlackBerry 10

Instagram has over 150 million users and the app is available on both iOS and Android. While the company has stated on several occasions that they will not be bringing a native Instagram app to BB10, those interested can easily port over the Android app to their device.

Other devs seem to be answering the photo sharing BB10 call. Developer Gaspertrix has posted a message on CrackBerry to inform the masses that an app called ‘iGrann’ is in the works. According to the quick description, iGrann is ‘the first full native and free Instagram client for BlackBerry 10 is here. It is not just an Instagram viewer, it is a full featured app.’

The app is still in development and there’s no word on when it’ll be available, but will give BB10 users the option to do many features Instagram currently does for photos, but no ability for video uploads as of yet (but planned). Here’s the full feature list:

What you can do with this app:
– Register
– Login
– Recover Password
– Edit Profile Information
– Browse Feed
– Browse Photos
– Explore Popular
– Search Users
– Search Hashtags
– View News
– Upload Photos
– Comment
– Like / Unlike
– Follow / Unfollow
– Browse Profiles
– Share

What you can not do with this app:
– Apply filters to photos (planned)
– Browse Videos (planned)
– Upload Videos (planned)
– Receive push notifications

Source: CrackBerry