Motorola opens Kitchener-Waterloo office, plans to ‘recruit top talent’

Google has Canadian presence with offices located in Montreal, Toronto and Waterloo. The company has also been actively purchasing various startups, namely Buffer Box and PushLife – so the people in Mountain View believe Canadians are extremely talented.

Motorola – which is now a Google company – have opened a Kitchener-Waterloo office. In an email to us, Motorola reps confirmed that they’re sharing office space at 51 Breithaupt Street in Kitchener. Derek Phillips, Engineering Director at Motorola Mobility, states that “Our commitment to mobile innovation has lead us to the tech hotbed of Waterloo. The wealth of talent, especially in mobile, makes it a natural place for Motorola.”

There’s no indication of how many engineers are currently employed at the K-W office, Phillips noted “a small group of Googlers from the region recently transferred to Motorola and established an office. It’s our hope we can recruit top talent – from engineers focusing on hardware and firmware to those with a passion for apps and software – from within the Waterloo community. We can’t share specific numbers, but as long as we can find good people, we’re planning to grow this office. This is a significant, long-term commitment.”

Opening this office in the K-W region is good timing, especially when such great talent from other organizations will need employment. Perhaps the Moto engineers will work on bringing a Motorola/Google Nexus to the masses.