LG sets 10 million global sales goal for the G2

LG plans to rollout the G2 to over 130 wireless carriers and have already launched it in South Korea, United States and the UK. An overseas report from the China Times has LG banking on the device hitting a home run. Apparently Jin Bingheng, head of LG Taiwan, has gone on record and publicly announced that they plan on selling 10 million G2 flagships devices around the world. Unfortunately there’s no timing listed in the report of when LG plans to sell the 10 million units, hopefully by the end of the year.

LG is on the cusp of releasing the G2 in Canada this week. This flagship smartphone will hit Rogers, Bell, TELUS, Videotron, SaskTel and WIND Mobile starting on September 27th. Have a gander at our full review of the G2 here.

Source: China Times
Via: BGR